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OUAC: Electronic INFO

Welcome to eINFO!

To begin your search for an Ontario university, click on "Program Locator" in the menu bar to view your search options.

The "Scholarships" link allows you to search for first-year scholarships that apply to your situation. The "Ontario Map" shows you the locations of Ontario's degree-granting institutions.

Click on " INFO 71 " to view INFO magazine in its entirety; it is available in HTML format and as a PDF.

Remember: eINFO offers general program information and admission requirements for Ontario universities only. Specific course content and additional information can be found in the universities' course calendars.

eINFO is not the last word in university admissions. For the most up-to-date information, visit the universities' websites .

For information about applying to an Ontario university, visit the on-line application website COMPASS.101 .

Looking for more information on Ontario's universities? Introducing Common University Data Ontario (CUDO). CUDO is a new on-line information tool for students, parents and the public that offers key data about Ontario's universities. Visit this website to learn more and to access information about Ontario's 18 universities and the Ontario College of Art & Design.