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> Program Locator

Use one of the following search tools to find program information at one of Ontario's 20 universities (and their affiliates).

Browse by Program of Study
This search option displays a list of general subject areas in which you can study at Ontario's universities. Click on a subject to view a list of the universities that offer programs in that area.

Browse by University
Explore the programs offered by a particular university. Click on a university to view a full list of their programs and requirements.

Browse by Degree
View a list of the degrees offered by Ontario's universities. By clicking on a degree name, you can find the universities that offer that degree, and the programs that lead to it.

Search by OUAC Program Code
If you know the two- or three-digit OUAC program code in which you are interested, enter it here, and view the program details.

After INFO magazine is published, some universities make changes to their program information. You can view a complete list of all these changes from this link. The eINFO database is updated regularly and includes these changes.

Degree Locator
The Degree Locator is a regularly updated PDF chart that provides a list of general areas of study and the universities that offer programs that lead to a degree in these areas. The abbreviated degree name will appear in the box beside the subject name and below the university's name.

Degree Abbreviations
This chart will help you to identify the first-year entry degrees offered by Ontario's degree-granting universities.