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For programs of study that include a “Teaching Option”, please note that some universities listed in that category may not offer a Teaching Option.

Select the program in which you are interested to view a list of the universities that offer a degree in that area.


Aboriginal Studies/First Nation Studies Applied Computing
Accounting/Chartered Accounting/Public Accounting/Studies Applied Economics
Accounting (Commerce & Finance) Applied Environmental Science & Technology
Accounting & Financial Management Applied Human Nutrition
Acting/Theatre Performance: Acting Applied Language Studies
Actuarial Science/& Statistics Applied Mathematics/Mathematical Methods/& Science/& Scientific Computation/& Statistics
Administration/Administrative & Commercial Studies/Administrative Studies Applied & Participatory Anthropology
Advertising Design Applied Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Aerospace/Science & Engineering Applied Physics
African Studies Applied Quantitative Information Technology
Agricultural Business/Economics Applied Social Research (Sociology)
Agricultural Science/Organic Agriculture Arabic Language and Culture
Agroecosystem Management Archaeology/Archaeological Sciences
Agronomy Architecture/Architectural Studies/Specialist
American Studies/American Cultural Studies/United States Studies Art (Fine) & Art History/Art History & Criticism/& Culture/History of Art/History & Theory of Art
Anatomy & Cell Biology Arts & Business
Anglican Studies Arts & Contemporary Studies
Animal Behaviour Arts/General Arts/Teaching Option
Animal Biology Arts Management/Administration
Animal Science Arts & Science
Anthropology/Anthropological Sciences/Teaching Option Asian Studies/Asia Pacific Studies/East Asian Studies/Language & Literatures/South Asian Studies
Applications Development Astronomy/Astronomical Science
Applied Biomolecular Science Astrophysics/& Physics
Applied Business Management Atmospheric Chemistry/Science/& Planetary Science
Applied Chemistry & Biology Automotive Engineering/& Management

Behaviour/Behavioural Neuroscience Biopharmaceutical Sciences
Biblical Studies Biophysics
Bioarchaeological Anthropology Biotechnology
Biochemistry/& Biotechnology/Clinical Biochemistry/Teaching Option Biotechnology & Chartered Accountancy/Economics
Biodiversity & Evolutionary Biology Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering
Bioethics Book & Media Studies
Biogeography/Biogeosciences Botany
Bioinformatics/& Computational Biology Buddhism and Asian Religions
Biological Anthropology Building Science
Biological Chemistry/Physics Business Administration & Chemistry
Biological Engineering Business/Administration/Management/Research
Biology/Biological Sciences/Biology Teaching Option Business Communications
Biology & Pharmacology Business & Computer Science/& Computing
Biomaterials Business Economics/Business & Economics
Biomedical Biology Business Finance
Biomedical Computing Business French/German/Italian/Spanish
Biomedical Engineering/Biomedical & Electrical Engineering Business in Entrepreneurial Studies
Biomedical Mechanical Engineering Business Information Systems
Biomedical Physics Business Law
Biomedical Sciences/Biohealth Sciences Business & Mathematics
Biomedical Toxicology Business & Society

Canadian-American Relations Comparative Politics & Area Studies
Canadian Studies/Politics Computational Biology/Molecular Biodiversity/Molecular Bioinformatics
Caribbean Studies Computational Chemistry
Cell/& Molecular Biology/& Developmental Biology Computational Geophysics
Celtic Studies Computational Materials/Engineering/Science
Ceramics Computational Mathematics
Chemical & Biochemical Engineering/& Bioengineering Computational/& Physical Biochemistry
Chemical Engineering Computational Science
Chemical Physics Computational/& Theory Physics/Physical Biochemistry
Chemistry/Chemistry Teaching Option Computer Engineering/Information Systems
Chemistry & Computer Science Computer Engineering/Systems Engineering
Child Studies/& Family Relations/Health/& Youth Care (Studies) Computer Math (Information Technology)
Christianity & Culture Computer Science/Artificial Intelligence/& Information & Management Systems/Information Systems/Information Systems Security/Intelligent Systems
Church Music & Worship Computer Science/Bioinformatics
City Studies Computer Science – Digital Hardware/Hardware Systems
Civil Engineering Computer Science – Economics/Business/Management & Business Systems
Civil Engineering & Management & Entrepreneurship Computer Science & Mathematics/Teaching Option
Civil & Environmental Engineering Computer Science – Network Computing/Networks & Security
Civil & Structural Engineering Computer Science & Software/Software Engineering
Classical History Computer Science & Statistics/Computer Statistics
Classical Languages/Civilizations/& Literature Computer Science/Teaching Option
Classical Studies/Classics Computers & Multimedia/Communication Studies/Visual Arts
Classics, Religion & Humanities Computing
Cognitive Psychology Computing & Business
Cognitive Science Computing & Computer Electronics/Computing & Solid-state Device Technology
Cognitive Science & Artificial Intelligence Computing & Financial Management
Cognitive Science/in Cognition and Computation/in Cognition and Psychology/in Biological Foundations of Cognition Computing & Physics
Cognitive Science with Specialization in Philosophical and Conceptual Issues Computing – Wireless Technology
Combinatorics & Optimization Concurrent Degree & Orientation to Teaching (with OTT)
Commerce Concurrent Education/Concurrent Arts & Social Science, Education & ECE/French/Science & Education/Music
Commerce/& Computing/& Computer Science Conservation/Biology & the Environment/Environmental Studies
Commerce & Finance Conservation & Restoration Ecology
Commercial Aviation Management Contemporary Studies/Arts/Cultural Studies
Communication/Arts/Studies/Visual Arts Contemporary Studies with/Anthropology/Children's Education & Development/Communication Studies/English/Geography/Global Studies/Philosophy/Psychology/Religion & Culture/Sociology
Communication Disorders/Science & Disorders Criminology/& Criminal Justice/& Legal Studies/& Public Policy
Communication Networks Criticism & Curatorial Practice
Communications Engineering Croatian & Serbian Studies
Community Development/Economic & Social Development/Health Cross-disciplinary Studies
Comparative (Animal) Physiology Cultural Management
Comparative Development Studies Cultural Studies/& Critical Thinking/Fine Arts in Cultural Studies
Comparative Literary Studies/Literature Czech & Slovak Studies

Dance/Composition Digital Enterprise Management
Design/Urban Design Directed Interdisciplinary Studies
Developmental Biology Disability Studies
Developmental Psychology Drama in Education/& Community/& Theatre in Education
Developmental Studies Drama/Studies
Development & Globalization Dramatic Literature
Diaspora Studies (combined)/& Transnational Studies Drawing/& Painting
Digital Arts Communication  

Early Childhood Education Environmental Anthropology
Early Teacher Project – Mathematical & Physical Sciences Environmental Biology/& Technology
Earth & Atmospheric/& Planetary Science Environmental & Chemical/Biochemical Engineering
Earth & Environmental Sciences Environmental Chemistry
Earth Science(s)/Earth Surface Science/Teaching Option Environmental Design
Earth Sciences/Environmental Hydrogeology/Geology/& Physical Geography/Terrain Science Environmental Earth Science
Earth Sciences/Geophysics Environmental Economics/& Policy
Earth Systems: Physics & the Environment Environmental Engineering
East Asian Studies Environmental/Ethics/Studies/& Science(s)/& Energy Science/Science & Technology/Water Science
Eastern Christian Studies Environmental Geography
E-Business Environmental Geology/Geosciences
Ecology/Environmental Sciences/Ecological Restoration & Rehabilitation Environmental & Health Studies
Ecology & Evolution/Ecology, Evolution & Behaviour Environmental Management/& Resource Management/Resource Studies/Planning & Management
Economic History Environmental Monitoring & Analysis
Economics/Applied Economics/Economics (Management Studies) Environmental Physics
Economics/& Finance/& Business/(Commerce & Finance) Environmental Policy
Economics & Financial Management/Financial Economics Environmental Protection
Economics: Quantitative Methods Environmental Science – Biology/Chemistry/Earth Science
Ecosystem Management Environmental Toxicology
Education of Teachers in French Environment & Business
Electrical Engineering/& Biomedical/Electrical Engineering: Microelectronics Environment & Health/& Health Geography
Employment Relations Environment & (Human) Society/Society & Environment
Energy Systems Engineering Environment & Science/& Toxicology
Engineering Chemistry Environmetrics
Engineering & Management Equity Studies
Engineering Physics Ergonomics
Engineering Science/& Business Estonian Studies
Engineering Science/Manufacturing Systems Ethics Studies/Applied Ethics/Ethics & Society/Ethics, Society & Law
Engineering & Society European Integration Studies
Engineering Systems & Computing European Studies/& Russian Studies
English/Creative Writing/Language & Literature/Literature/Teaching Option Evolutionary Biology
English/Professional Writing/Rhetoric Evolution & Social Behaviour Psychology
Entrepreneurial Management/Systems & Organizations Experimental Physics

Faculty Scholars Finnish Studies
Family & Community Social Services Food & Nutrition/Food Science
Family & Social Relations Forensic Science/Anthropology/Biology/Chemistry/Psychology
Family Studies Forensics & Criminology
Fashion Communications/Design Forest Conservation
Fiber Arts Forestry
Film & Video Production French/French as a Second Language/Teaching Specialization
Film & Video Screenwriting French Literature/& Language/& Linguistics
Film/& Video/Studies/Cinema Studies French Media
Film & Video/Theory & Criticism French Studies/Cultural Studies
Finance/& Administration/Finance & Economic Studies/Financial Economics French Translation/Translation Studies
Financial Mathematics Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals
Fine Arts/Fine Arts (History of Art)/& Performing Arts/Studies  

Game Development Geoinformatics
General/Studies/Program/Teaching Option Geological Engineering
Genes, Genetics and Biotechnology Geological Sciences with Physics
Genetics/(Molecular) Geology/Geography:Terrain Science
Geochemistry Geology/Geological Sciences/Teaching Option
Geographical Information Systems/(Spatial) Analysis/Science Geomatic(s)/Engineering/& Spatial Analysis
Geographic Information Processing/Analysis Geophysics/Geology – Physics
Geographic Information Science Geoscience
Geography & Environmental Studies German/Area Studies/& Slavic Studies/Studies
Geography & Geomatics/Geomatics & Spatial Analysis German Cultural Studies
Geography: Globalization, Society & Environment/& Economy German Language & Literature
Geography (Historical & Cultural) Gerontology
Geography of Regional Planning/& International Development Global Studies/Global Political Studies/Governance
Geography/Physical Geography/Teaching Option Graphic Communications Management
Geography: Resource & Environmental Assessment Graphic Design
Geography (Urban Development/Economic/Social) Greek/Greek (Classical)/Hellenic Studies

Health & Disease Housing & Real Estate Management
Health Promotion/& Education Human Biology/Behavioural Biology
Health Science Communication Human-Computer Interaction (Computer Science)/Human Oriented Technology/(Psychology)
Health Sciences & Business/Health Services Management Human Ecology (Family Studies)/Family Studies
Health Sciences (Health Information Management)/Informatics/(Psychosocial) Human Ecology (Foods & Nutrition)
Health Sciences/Rural Health/Studies/& Society Human Geography/Teaching Option
Hispanic Studies/Ibero-American Studies/Spanish Studies Humanities
History/International History/Teaching Option Human Kinetics
History of Science & Technology Human Resources Management/Industrial Relations
History & Philosophy of Science Human Rights/Humanism
History & Theory of Architecture Human Settlements
Horticultural Management/Science Hungarian Studies
Hospitality & Tourism Management Hydrosciences
Hotel & Food Administration  

Identity & Ideology Infrastructure Engineering
Illustration Integrated Biology/Integrative Biology
Image Arts-Film Studies Integrated Engineering
Image Arts-Photographic Studies Integrated Media
Image Arts-The New Media Integrated Studies/Science – Arts/Education/Forensic Science/Health Science/Information Science/Information Technology/(&Ethics;/&Policy;/&Technology;)/Teaching Option
Immunology Interior Design
Independent Studies/Individualized Studies International Affairs
Indigenous Environmental Studies International Business/Economics/Trade
Indigenous Learning/Studies International Culture
Industrial Design International Development (Studies)/International Development & Globalization/Project Management
Industrial Engineering/Automotive/Manufacturing/Supply-chain International Investment Finance and Banking
Industrial/Mathematics/Microbiology International Management/Business Management
Industrial Relations International Political Economy
Information Science International Relations/& Development Studies/History/Politics/Marketing & Trade
Information Systems/& Human Behaviour/& Management Systems/& Security International Studies/& Comparative Studies/& Modern Languages
Information Technology/Management/Security Italian/Culture & Communication/Studies

Japanese Studies Journalism/Broadcast Journalism
Jewish Studies  

Kinesiology/& Health Sciences Knowledge and Database Management

Labour Studies Liberal Science
Language & Logic (Combined major) Life & Environmental Physics
Language Teaching & Learning - French/Italian Life Sciences
Latin American Studies/& Caribbean Studies Linguistic Anthropology
Latin/& English Studies Linguistics & Computing
Law/Common Law/Legal Studies/& Justice/Justice Studies/& Policy/& Society Linguistics: Experimental Linguistics
Law, Crime & Deviance Linguistics/Languages & Linguistics
Law Policy & Government Literary Studies/Great Books
Liberal Arts/& Professional Studies/Studies  

Management Economics/& Industry & Finance Mediaeval Studies/Medieval Studies
Management/General Management/& Enterprise Development/Managing People & Organizations/Science/Studies Media/Media, Information & Technoculture/& the Public Interest/Theory & Production/Studies
Management & Humanities Medical Anthropology
Management & Information Technology Medical Biophysics
Management/Public/Strategic Medical/& Health Physics/Physics
Management & Science/& Life Sciences Medical Laboratory Technology
Management & Social Sciences Medical Sciences/Radiation Sciences
Management Systems/Business Systems/Information Systems/& Enterprise Development Mediterranean Studies
Manufacturing Engineering/Automotive ManufacturingSystems/& Management/Supply Chain Engineering Mennonite Studies
Marine & Freshwater Biology Metalsmithing & Jewelry
Marketing MICA (Math Integrated with Computers & Applications)
Mass Communications Microbiology/& Immunology
Material Arts Midwifery
Materials Engineering/& Metallurgical Engineering Military & Strategic Studies
Materials/(Properties & Processing) Science Mineral Engineering/Mining Engineering
Mathematical Economics Mission Studies & Interreligious Dialogue
Mathematical Physics/Mathematics & Physics Modern Languages/Cultures & Literatures/Literature/& Second-Language Education (German, Italian, Spanish)
Mathematics & Business Administration/& Commerce/Finance/& Systems Management Molecular Biology/Genetics/Microbiology/Plant Biology
Mathematics & Engineering Movement Studies
Mathematics for Commerce Multidisciplinary Studies
Mathematics/Mathematical Sciences/Teaching Option Multimedia/Interactive Multimedia
Mechanical Engineering Music Composition
Mechanical Engineering: Automotive Music Education
Mechanical Engineering & Business/& Management Music History & Culture/& Theory
Mechanical Engineering: Computer Integrated Manufacturing Music Performance/Ensemble
Mechanical Engineering/Materials Music/Teaching Option
Mechatronics Engineering Music Theory/History & Theory/& Composition

Nanoengineering/Nanotechnology Engineering Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations
Nanomaterials Science Network Technologies
Nanotechnology Neurobehavioural Assessment
Native Education/Native Studies Teaching Option Neuroscience
Native Human Services New Media/Studies
Native Language/Anishinaabemowin/First Nations/Studies Northern Studies/& Polar Studies
Native Management & Economic Development Nuclear Power/Engineering
Natural Resources Management Nursing/Science
Natural Science/Teaching Option Nutritional Sciences

Occupational Health & Safety Organizational Behaviour/& Human Resources/Leadership
Oenology & Viticulture Origins Research
Operations Research/Management/Operational Research Outdoor Adventure Leadership
Ophthalmic Medical Technology Outdoor Recreation, Parks & Tourism

Palaeontology/& Paleoecology – Vertebrate Planning
Palliative Care & Thanatology Plant Biochemistry
Paradigms & Archetypes Plant Biology/Physiology & Metabolism/Science
Paramedicine Plant Biotechnology
Past Environments Plant Pathology
Pastoral Studies/Theology Plant Population, Biology & Evolution
Peace & Conflict Studies Policing & Criminal Justice
Perception Psychology Polish/Language Studies/Literature
Pharmaceutical/& Biological Chemistry Politics (Comparative)/& Governance/State & Policy/Political Science/Pre-Law/Studies/Theory/Teaching Option
Pharmacology/Pharmacology & Toxicology Politics & Economics/Science & Economics for Management Studies
Philosophy/Ethics & Public Affairs/Teaching Option Politics, Philosophy & Economics
Philosophy of Science Popular Culture
Photography/Photographic Studies Popular Music Studies
Photonics/Photonics Engineering Population Studies
Physical & Analytical Biology Portuguese/Ibero-American Studies
Physical Education/Physical & Health Power & Everyday Life (Sociology)
Physical Geography/& Environmental Geography/& Human/Biophysical Systems Prehistoric Archaeology
Physical Resource & Environmental Assessment/Environmental Assessment Printmaking
Physical Science(s)/Chemistry Project Management
Physics/Applied Physics/Experimental/Theoretical/Physics Teaching Option Psycholinguistics
Physics & Biology Psychology Research Specialist
Physics & Computer Science/& Human Computer Psychology/Teaching Option
Physics & Technology/& High Technology Public Administration/Affairs/Analysis/Management/Policy
Physiology/Comparative Physiology Public Health & Safety
Planetary Science/& Atmospheric Science Pure Mathematics/Finance/Teaching Option

Radiation Sciences/Medical Sciences/Radiation Physics/Radiation Therapy Renaissance Studies
Radio & Television Arts Retail Management
Recreation & Business Rural Development Sociology
Recreation & Leisure Studies/Leisure Studies Russian/&East; European Area Studies
Religion/& Christian Origins/& Culture/Religious Education/Religious Studies Russian Literature in Translation

Scholars’ Electives Sociology of Health and Ageing
Science/Contemporary Science/General Science Sociology & Social Anthropology/Sociocultural Anthropology
Science Education Sociology/Teaching Option
Science & Environment Software Design/Development
Science & Society Software Engineering/& Computing/& Game Design
Science, Technology, Culture & Society/Science, Technology & Society/(Values) South Asian Studies
Science & Technology Studies Space/& Communication Science/Engineering/Science
Science/& the Arts/& Business/& Communications/& Ethics/& Policy Spanish/Ibero-American/Spanish & Latin American Studies
Scientific Computing and Numerical Methods Speech Communication
Sculpture/Installation Spirituality/Spirituality & Personal Development
Second Language Education (German, Italian, Spanish)/Learning (French/Italian) Sport & Physical Education
Second-Language Teaching Sport Psychology
Semiotics & Communication Theory Sports Administration/Sports Management
Sexual Diversity Studies/Sexuality, Marriage & Family/Studies Stage & Screen Studies
Slavic Languages & Literatures/Studies Statistics/Applied Statistics
Social Development Studies Strategic Management & International Human Resources
Social Justice & Equity Studies/Social Inequality Strategic Public Opinion & Policy Analysis
Social Organization/& Human Resources Structural/Geotechnical Engineering
Social Policy Studio/Studio Arts
Social & Political Thought Sustainable Local Economic Development
Social Science Synthesis & Structure Chemistry
Social Welfare Systems Design Engineering
Social Work Systems Development & Implementation

Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) Theology/Theology (Historical & Systemic)/& Philosophy
Technology/Management/& Operations Management Theoretical Physics
Technology, Society & Environment Studies Therapeutic Recreation
Telecommunications Management/& Networking Tourism Management/& Recreation Resources Management/Studies
Theatre - Directing Toxicology/& Environment/& Pathology
Theatre/& Drama/& Film Studies Translation
Theatre Technical Production  

Ukrainian/Studies Urban & Regional Planning/Planning
Urban Development/Studies/Design Urban Sustainability
Urban & Economic Geography/& Social Geography  

Visual Arts/Studies/& Performing Arts/Teaching Option  

Water/Environmental Resources Engineering Women and Environment
Water Resources Science Women's Studies/Gender Equality & Social Justice/Gender Studies
Wildlife & Habitat Ecology/Wild Life Biology Writing/Creative Writing/Professional Writing/Rhetoric & Critical Analysis

X-Ray Technology