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Basis and Timing of Offers of Admission

Carleton will start making conditional admission offers in January using a combination of six Grade 11 or 12 (U or M) marks, early, interim and/or final grades. Entrance scholarships will be included in the offer of admission and are based on the averages used for admission to the university, which may be a combination of Grade 11 or Grade 12 early, interim and/or final grades.

An applicant not admitted in January or February will be considered again in March, April, May, June and July. For specialized programs (Architectural Studies, Child Studies, Humanities, Industrial Design, Information Technology, Music and Social Work) that require additional information (e.g., portfolios, interviews, auditions), which have documentation deadlines, offers of admission will be sent approximately two weeks after the documentation deadline or possibly earlier if all documentation has been submitted.

Whenever possible, admission offers will be made before June. Students not accepted into the program of their choice at Carleton will be considered automatically for an alternate program. If there is a specific alternate program for which a student wishes to be considered, they must submit a letter to the Admissions Services/Undergraduate Recruitment Office.

For more information:
Contact Admissions Services/Undergraduate Recruitment Office
315 Robertson Hall, 1125 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa ON K1S 5B6
Telephone: (613) 520-3663
Toll-free: 1-888-354-4414
Website: www.carleton.ca

Aerospace Engineering CEA
Architectural Studies CR
BA - General (3 Year) CA
BA - Honours (4 Year) CH
Bioinformatics COH
Biomedical and Electrical Engineering CEG CEG
Civil Engineering CEB
Commerce CC
Commerce - Accounting CCC
Commerce - Finance CCF
Commerce - Information Systems CCJ
Commerce - International Business CCA
Commerce - Managing People and Organizations CCH
Commerce - Marketing CCM
Commerce - Operations Management CCT
Communication & Information Technology Policy CPT
Communications Engineering CEH
Computer Systems Engineering CEC
Development Studies CDS
Electrical Engineering CEF
Engineering Physics CEP
Environmental Engineering CEE
Humanities - Option A CBC
Humanities with another discipline - Option B CBD
Human Rights CPB
Industrial Design CD
Information Systems Security COS
Information Technology - Interactive Multimedia & Design CIM
Information Technology - Network Technology CIN
International Business CBB
International Business - International Investment, Finance & Banking CIF
International Business - International Marketing & Trade CIT
International Business - Strategic Management & International Human Resources CIS
International Studies CPI
Journalism CJ
Management & Business Systems COB
Mathematics - General (3 Year) CMB
Mathematics - Honours (4 Year) CMA
Mechanical Engineering CED
Music CM
Network Computing COG
Psychology COP
Public Affairs and Policy Management - Social Policy CPS
Public Affairs and Policy Management - Undeclared (first year only) CPX
Public Policy & Administration CPA
Science - General (3 Year) CS
Science - Honours (4 year) CT
Social Work CSW
Software & Computing COD
Software Engineering COF
Software Engineering CES
Strategic Public Opinion & Policy Analysis CPR