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Basis and Timing of Offers of Admission

The timing of offers of admission will vary by university. Please read the following details for specific information about this university's admission procedures.

Early conditional Offers of Admission will be made in February 2007 and will continue on a rolling basis. To be considered for early admission, applicants must be registered in at least six 4U or 4M courses including the appropriate prerequisites for their chosen program. Early conditional offers of admission will be based on final first-semester Grade 12 marks, interim marks and/or final 3U marks.

All offers of admission are conditional pending successful completion of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma with a minimum of six 4U or 4M courses or equivalent, including program-specific prerequisite courses, with a minimum 70% overall average.

At Lakehead, in most instances, students who are not offered admission to their first-choice program will be considered automatically for admission to an alternate program, provided that they meet the admission requirements of that program.

If an applicant presents a repeated 4U or 4M course, Lakehead University will count the best grade achieved in the course toward the applicant's admission average.

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For more information:
Contact the Office of Admissions and Recruitment
Telephone: (807) 343-8500
E-mail: [email protected]

Faculty of Business Administration
Commerce Honours (4 years) AC
Faculty of Education
BA/BEd Native Education - Intermediate/Senior (4-year double degree) AWC
BA/BEd Native Education - Junior/Intermediate (4-year double degree) AWO
BA/BEd Native Education - Primary/Junior (4-year double degree) AWN
BA/BEd - Intermediate/Senior (4-year double degree) ARI
BA/BEd - Junior/Intermediate (4-year double degree) ARJ
BA/BEd - Primary/Junior (4-year double degree) ARP
BA Honours/BEd - Intermediate/Senior (5-year double degree) AWI
BA Honours/BEd - Junior/Intermediate (5-year double degree) AWJ
BA Honours/BEd - Primary/Junior (5-year double degree) AWP
BFA Honours/BEd Intermediate/Senior (5-year double degree) ART
BSc/BEd Native Education - Intermediate/Senior (4-year double degree) General Program AWD
BSc/BEd Native Education - Junior/Intermediate (4-year double degree) General Program AWA
BSc/BEd Native Education - Primary/Junior (4-year double degree) General Program AWB
BSc/BEd Intermediate/Senior (4-year double degree) ATI
BSc/BEd - Junior/Intermediate (4-year double degree) ATJ
BSc/BEd - Primary/Junior (4-year double degree) APT
BSc Honours/BEd - Intermediate/Senior (5-year double degree) ASI
BSc Honours/BEd - Junior/Intermediate (5-year double degree) ASJ
BSc Honours/BEd - Primary/Junior (5-year double degree) ASP
HBOR/BEd - Intermediate/Senior ( 5-year double degree) Outdoor Recreation AOR
HBOR/BEd - Junior/Intermediate (5-year double degree) Outdoor Recreation AOJ
HBOR/BEd - Primary/Junior (5-year double degree) Outdoor Recreation AOP
HBK/BEd - Intermediate/Senior (5-year double degree) Kinesiology AKI
HBK/BEd - Junior/Intermediate (5-year double degree) Kinesiology AKJ
HBK/BEd - Primary/Junior (5-year double degree) Kinesiology AKP
Faculty of Engineering
Engineering Degree AX
Applied Science Common Year (One-year upgrading program for admission to the Bachelor of Engineering program) AK
Faculty of Forestry & the Forest Environment
Bachelor of Environmental Studies: Forest Conservation (3 years) AG
Bachelor of Environmental Studies Honours: Forest Conservation (4 years) AGF
BSc Honours Forestry (4 years), BSc Honours Forestry Co-op (5 years) AF
Faculty of Professional Schools
Bachelor of Arts AAG
Bachelor of Outdoor Recreation Honours (4 years) AY
Bachelor of Outdoor Recreation Honours: Geography (4-year double degree) AV
Bachelor of Outdoor Recreation Honours: History (4-year double degree) ARH
Bachelor of Outdoor Recreation Honours/BSc: Natural Science (4-year double degree) ASA
Bachelor of Outdoor Recreation Honours: Women's Studies (4-year double degree) AVW
Bachelor of Social Work Honours (4 years) AB
Kinesiology Honours (4 years) AP
Nursing (4 years) AN
Nursing Compressed (3 years) ANC
Faculty of Science & Environmental Studies
Arts (3 years) AAE
Arts (4 years) AAF
Arts Honours (4 years) AQE
Bachelor of Environmental Science Honours (4 years) AGA
Bachelor of Environmental Studies & Geography Honours (4 years) AGG
Science (3 years) AS
Science (4 years) ASF
Science Honours (4 years) AZ
Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities
Arts (3 years) AA
Arts (4 years) AU
Arts Honours (4 years) AQ
Bachelor of Music Honours (4 years) AQM
Fine Arts Honours - Visual Arts (4 years) AQV