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Basis and Timing of Offers of Admission

Students should check the University website, www.maciq.ca, for information and updates on the admission process, estimated cut-offs, enrolment targets, application deadlines, etc. McMaster will begin making offers of admission in March, based on a minimum of three final 4U and/or 4M grades and registration in sufficient 4U and/or 4M courses to total six, or six interim and/or final 4U and/or 4M grades, including any required courses.

All offers are conditional upon the completion of the OSSD with at least six 4U and/or 4M courses and an acceptable final admission average, which will be specified in the offer of admission.

1) Most offers to the Bachelor of Arts & Science program and to the Bachelor of Health Sciences program will be made in May. Both of these programs make use of mandatory supplementary application information in the application process. Contact the University, www.maciq.ca, for details about application deadlines, timing of offers, etc.

2) Students interested in specific alternate programs are advised to include these choices on their OUAC application. McMaster will give full consideration to each program selection.

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For more information:
Contact the Admissions Office
Telephone: (905) 525-4600

Faculty of Business
Business I MB
Faculty of Health Sciences
Health Sciences I MNS
Midwifery I MY
Nursing I (at McMaster) MN
Faculty of Humanities
Humanities I MH
Music I MM
Faculty of Engineering
Bachelor of Technology MBT
Engineering I ME
Faculty of Science
Mathematics & Statistics I MZ
Medical Radiation Sciences I MRS
Science I MS
Faculty of Social Science
Kinesiology I MR
Social Sciences I ML
Arts & Science I MX