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Basis and Timing of Offers of Admission

Students with no prior postsecondary education must apply to first year. Applicants for September 2007 must choose either the Faculty of Art or the Faculty of Design.

Faculty of Design applicants must choose the focus they intend to pursue in their upper years. Students may choose either 2D or 3D Studies.

Faculty of Design 2D Studies: Advertising, Graphic Design and Illustration. OCAD's communications programs emphasize the development of clear, creative and insightful words and images, where the primary focus is the effective communication of the information or idea.

Faculty of Design 3D Studies: Environmental Design, Industrial Design, and Material Art & Design. The programs in 3D Studies develop expertise in the creation of places, objects and artifacts.

Faculty of Art applicants are not required to indicate an area of focus at the time of the application. Students will choose between the following areas in their first year: Criticism & Curatorial Practice, Drawing & Painting, Integrated Media, Material Art & Design, Photography, Printmaking or Sculpture/Installation.

OCAD will begin making offers in April based on the results of the portfolio assessment and available academic grades. All offers are conditional upon completion of OSS Diploma, six 4U/M courses with an overall academic average of 70% including a 4U English with a minimum grade of 70%.

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For more information:
Telephone: (416) 977-6000, ext. 310, 308, 489 or 428
Website: www.ocad.ca

2D Design (first year) HDC
3D Design (first year) HDS
Faculty of Art (first year) HFA