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Basis and Timing of Offers of Admission

Beginning in January 2007, the University will issue early conditional offers of admission for fall 2007 to highly qualified applicants. The University will continue to issue offers of admission to qualified applicants until the end of May.

Early offers are based on the average of 3U/M marks or a combination of 3U/M and available 4U/M final marks. No early offers are extended for programs with additional requirements such as tests, portfolios, interviews, and so forth.

All offers of admission are conditional. Applicants must successfully complete a minimum of six eligible courses (4U/M) including prerequisite subjects for the program requested and present proof of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma or the equivalent before September.

Some programs have a minimum required admission average between 70–75 %. However, many programs require an admission average greater than 75%.

For programs in Science and in Engineering, a combined average of 70% is required in the prerequisite subjects. Applicants lacking only one prerequisite credit in mathematics or science may be admitted with an overall average of 3% higher than the average required. The missing course will be added to the student’s course load at University.

Details regarding offers of residence and scholarships will be sent with the offer of admission. Applicants must respond before the date indicated in their offer of admission.

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For more information:
Contact InfoService
Telephone: (613) 562-5700
Toll-free: 1-877-UOTTAWA (868-8292)
Website: www.admission.uOttawa.ca

Accounting (4 years) OTC
Arts (General - 3 years) OAU
Arts (4 years) OAS
Biomedical Mechanical Engineering (4 years) OEC
Biomedical Science (4 years) OSM
Chemical Engineering (4 years) OEE
Chemical Engineering & Computing Technology (5-year double degree) OEA
Civil Engineering (4 years) OHE
Civil Engineering & Computing Technology (5-year double degree) OBA
Commerce (4 years) OFC
Commerce: without option (4 years) OFE
Computer Engineering (4 years) OBE
Computer Science (4 years) ORE
Computer Science (4 years - Honours Specialization) ORC
Electrical Engineering (4 years) OIE
Electrical Engineering & Computing Technology (5-year double degree program) OIC
Fine Arts (4 years) OVE
Health Sciences (4 years) OKC
Human Kinetics (4 years) OKA
Joint Honours in Arts (4 years) OCM
Joint Honours in Computer Science & Mathematics (4 years) ORA
Joint Honours in Science (4 years) OTM
Joint Honours in Social Sciences (4 years) OLK
Journalism (with Algonquin College) (4 years) OWE
Leisure Studies (4 years) OTG
Management Information Systems (4 years) OGC
Mechanical Engineering (4 years) OJE
Mechanical Engineering & Computing Technology (5-year double degree) OBC
Music (BMus) (4 years) OME
Nursing (4 years) - Algonquin Pembroke Campus OWC
Nursing (4 years) - Algonquin Woodroffe Campus ONA
Nursing (4 years) - Ottawa Campus ONE
Nutrition Sciences (4 years) OKS
Ophthalmic Medical Technology (with the Eye Institute of Ottawa) (4 years) OWG
Science (4 years - Honours Specialization) OSS
Science (4 years - Major) OSO
Science (General - 3 years) OSQ
Social Sciences (General - 3 years) OLC
Social Sciences (4 years) OLA
Software Engineering (4 years) OJA