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Basis and Timing of Offers of Admission

All offers of admission made to Ontario secondary school students by Queen’s University prior to the receipt of final grades and completion of the OSSD are conditional. Decisions will be based on final first-semester grades, interim grades and final Grade 11 course grades.

General Admission Requirements: The Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), and six 4U/M courses. Average calculation is based on prerequisite subjects plus next best 4U/M courses for a total of six. The Personal Statement of Experience is due by March 16.

Personal Statement of Experience: Students are required to complete the Personal Statement of Experience (PSE) for all programs in order to be considered for an offer of admission. The PSE is used during the admission process for all or selected candidates. The PSE allows an applicant to provide information relating to academic distinctions, extracurricular activities, work and volunteer experiences, and to provide documentation about extenuating circumstances. The PSE is completed on-line through the Admission Services website at www.asq.queensu.ca. The website provides instructions about how to submit the PSE electronically.

Residence: A residence application package will be included with each offer of admission. Residence is guaranteed to first-year students who return the residence application form with the minimum deposit by May 28.

Scholarships and Awards: Students selected for general entrance scholarships based on outstanding academic work in secondary school will be notified of their scholarship with their offer of admission. Scholarships are normally awarded based on an applicant's average of ENG4U plus the next best five 4U/M grades. For more information regarding scholarships, bursaries and awards, including requirements and application deadlines, please visit www.queensu.ca/registrar/awards/.

Alternate Offers: Queen’s University does not normally make alternate offers of admission, with two exceptions. Applicants to Music/Education (Concurrent) and Computing/Education (Concurrent) will be considered for Music and Computing respectively. Otherwise, applicants will be considered only for the program(s) to which they have applied (or amended) through the OUAC by the published deadlines. Applicants should ensure that all program choices are entered on the application.

Repeated Courses: Ontario universities support the full disclosure of all all marks achieved in all attempts at a secondary school course. At Queen's, the Faculty of Applied Science (Engineering) and the School of Business (Commerce) will average the original and the repeated mark for each repeated prerequisite course. The resulting mark(s) will be used in the calculation of the admission average. For all other programs, the highest grade achieved will be used in calculating the admission average.

Timing of Offers of Admission for 2007: Admission decisions will be made once applicants have supplied all supporting documentation to Admission Services. All offers of admission will be made by mid-May. Deadline for receipt of required documentation is March 16. Students will be required to respond to offers by May 28.

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For more information:
Admission Services
Gordon Hall, 74 Union Street
Queen's University
Kingston ON K7L 3N6
Telephone: (613) 533-2218
Website: www.queensu.ca/admission/

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Arts - Canadian University Study Abroad Program (First-year program in England) QIA
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Computing/Education (Concurrent) QG
Engineering QE
Fine Art QT
Kinesiology QK
Life Science/X-Ray Technology QSR
Music QM
Music/Education (Concurrent) QMM
Nursing QN
Physical & Health Education QPH
Science QS
Science/Education (Concurrent) QF