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Basis and Timing of Offers of Admission

Grades are the sole determining basis for admission to many Ryerson programs (grades-selective programs), while a combination of grades, portfolios, interviews and/or auditions is used to make admission decisions for the remaining grades-plus selective programs.

Given the need for the university to communicate non-academic requirements to candidates within a reasonable time frame, for students to prepare for the non-academic part of the admissions process, and for Faculty to review and interview, Ryerson anticipates that a number of highly qualified applicants will receive offers of admission in April, while most of Ryerson’s Offers of Admission will be made in February/March-May 2007. Candidates whose midterm grades arrive after May 1 will be considered, subject to space.

While a minimum average of 70% (in six 4U/M courses) from a secondary school establishes a student's eligibility to apply for Ryerson admission, individual Ryerson programs may establish higher required averages for admissions.

Individual Ryerson programs may stipulate specific academic prerequisites for admission, including specific courses and minimum grades. Many programs also stipulate non-academic requirements for admission (e.g., portfolio, admission essay, interview, audition). Ryerson reserves the right to require a minimum of 60% or higher in all the subject prerequisites.

Secondary school students are encouraged to achieve as much breadth of preparation as possible in the course of their studies leading to the OSSD while also meeting the stated subject prerequisite requirements of the program to which they intend to apply.

All students who have submitted a complete application (including amendments or additional choices) by the February 15, 2007 application deadline for grades-plus selective programs (February 1 for Radio and Television and Midwifery), and March 15 for grades-selective programs, will be guaranteed equal consideration for the Ryerson program(s) to which they have applied. Ryerson applicants wishing to be considered for more than one program are strongly encouraged to include all program choices on the OUAC form. The presentation of admission averages below are estimates only and are subject to change. For further information, please refer to Ryerson’s Official Undergraduate Calendar(s) at www.ryerson.ca/undergraduate/calendars/.

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For more information:
Office of Undergraduate Admissions and Liaison
Telephone: (416) 979-5036
E-mail: [email protected]

Aerospace Engineering SAA
Architectural Science SAD
Arts & Contemporary Studies SCS
Arts, Undeclared SUN
Biology SBX
Business Management SBE
Chemical Engineering (co-op) SCF
Chemistry SCH
Child & Youth Care SCY
Civil Engineering SCG
Computer Engineering SCE
Computer Science (co-op optional) SAB
Contemporary Science/Undeclared SSI
Criminal Justice SCI
Early Childhood Education SEH
Electrical Engineering SEJ
Fashion - Communication SFM
Fashion - Design SFL
Geographic Analysis SAC
Graphic Communications Management SGO
Hospitality & Tourism Management SHP
Image Arts - Film Studies SPA
Image Arts - New Media SPB
Image Arts - Photography Studies SPC
Industrial Engineering SIQ
Information Technology Management (co-op optional) SBB
Information Technology Management (part-time) STM
Interior Design SIR
International Economics & Finance SIE
Journalism SJT
Mechanical Engineering SMW
Medical Physics SMP
Midwifery (full-time) SYF
Midwifery (part-time) SYY
Nursing at Centennial College SNN
Nursing at George Brown College SNG
Nursing at Ryerson SNX
Nutrition & Food SFN
Occupational & Public Health - Occupational Health & Safety SOH
Occupational & Public Health - Public Health & Safety SEK
Performance Acting SDK
Performance Dance SDL
Performance Production SDM
Politics & Governance SPG
Psychology SPS
Public Administration & Governance (part-time only) SDF
Radio & Television SRD
Retail Management SBP
Social Work SSE
Sociology SSO
Urban & Regional Planning SUP