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Basis and Timing of Offers of Admission

All Ontario secondary school applicants are required to present six 4U or 4M courses, including 4U English and all prerequisites.

Conditional offers of admission, based on final 3U and/or 3M and interim or final 4U and/or 4M results, will be made between late February and late May. Particular attention will be paid to achievement in prerequisite courses.

All offers of admission are conditional upon acceptable final results and completion of the diploma. The minimum admission grade ranges required may vary annually depending on the competition for the available spaces. While recognizing that there may be valid reasons to repeat a course, U of T Scarborough reserves the right to give preference to students whose marks are the result of a first attempt at each course.

Applicants to the following programs will be considered automatically for an alternate program choice at U of T Scarborough should their original choice not be approved: co-op programs, Concurrent Education programs, Joint Programs with Centennial College, Management programs, and Computer Science programs. Note that an alternate offer of admission will be to a non-co-op program only.

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For more information:
Contact Admissions and Student Recruitment
Telephone: (416) 287-7529
Website: www.utsc.utoronto.ca/admissions/

Humanities, Social Sciences
Humanities (non-co-op) TSA
Co-op Humanities TSH
Social Sciences (non-co-op) TSS
Co-op Social Sciences TSX
Co-op Arts Management TSR
Co-op International Development Studies TSD
Concurrent Education/Arts - French (pending approval by the Ontario College of Teachers) TEA
Journalism (Joint Program with Centennial College) TSJ
New Media Studies (Joint Program with Centennial College) TSK
Computer Science (non-co-op) TXC
Co-op Computer Science TSC
Mathematical & Physical Sciences (non-co-op) TSP
Co-op Mathematical & Physical Sciences TSB
Concurrent Education/Science - Mathematical & Physical (pending approval by the Ontario College of Teachers) TES
Life Sciences (non-co-op) TSL
Co-op Cell & Molecular Biology TSU
Co-op Neuroscience TSZ
Paramedicine (Joint Program with Centennial College) TSI
Psychology (non-co-op) TPS
Co-op Psychology & Its Applications TSQ
Management (including Economics) (non-co-op) TSM
Co-op Management TSN
Management PLUS Arts/Science (non-co-op) TYS
Co-op Management PLUS Arts/Science TWS
Management and Information Technology (non-co-op) TSV
Co-op Management and Information Technology TSY