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Basis and Timing of Offers of Admission

The University of Windsor will inform all applicants regarding the status of their application beginning in early April. Windsor intends to make admission offers to most programs from early April to June. Admission offers to programs that require the completion of supplemental applications and subsequent auditions and/or interviews will be made after these activities have been completed. Applicants who need to complete supplemental applications will be sent this material when their OUAC application is received. A response deadline applies; contact the Liaison Office if you have not received your supplemental application package by February 25.

Consideration for admission in April requires grades in a combination of at least three 4U or 4M courses and registration in, or completion of, at least six of these including all 4U prerequisites. These offers will be conditional upon completion of the OSS Diploma. For admission purposes, the average of the best three 4U or 4M courses, regardless of the number completed or in progress, will be calculated. Applicants not considered for early admission will be considered for admission based on the average of their best six 4U or 4M courses, interim or final, following receipt of interim grades.

Students not accepted into the program of their choice at Windsor will be considered for alternate offers.

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For more information:
Contact Charlene Yates, Assistant Registrar
Telephone: (519) 971-3650
E-mail: [email protected]

Arts and Social Sciences
General BA Programs NA
Honours BA Programs NAH
BA Criminology NCR
BA Sociology & Criminology NCS
BA Drama in Education & Community NDC
BA Drama & Communication Studies NDS
BA English Literature & Creative Writing NAW
BA International Relations & Development Studies NJI
BA Visual Arts & Art History NFA
BA Visual Arts & Communication Studies NFV
BA/BEd Concurrent French and Education NFE
BA/BEd/ECE Diploma Concurrent (Early Childhood Education Diploma with St. Clair College) NAE
BSW Social Work NW
BSW Social Work & Diaspora Studies NWD
BSW Social Work & Women's Studies NWW
BFA Dramatic Arts - Acting ND
BFA Fine Arts - Visual Arts NF
BMus Music NM
BMusTh Music Therapy NMT
BFS Forensic Science NFS
BA Forensics and Criminology NAF
BAS Arts and Science NAS
BES Environmental Studies NLS
BComm Business Administration NC
BComm Business Administration (co-op) NCC
BComm Business & Economics NCE
BComm Honours Business & Computer Science NCD
BComm Honours Business & Computer Science (co-op) NCB
International Business - French NCF
International Business - Spanish NCP
BASc Engineering (Undecided) NE
Engineering - Civil NEB
Engineering - Electrical NEN
Engineering - Environmental NEK
Engineering - Industrial NEH
Engineering - Industrial (Automotive Manufacturing Systems option) NEM
Engineering - Industrial (Supply Chain option) NES
Engineering - Mechanical NEJ
Engineering - Mechanical (Automotive option) NEA
Engineering - Mechanical (Automotive option) Georgian College site NEG
Engineering - Mechanical (Environmental Option) NEO
Engineering - Mechanical (Materials option) NEL
Human Kinetics
BHK Human Kinetics NP
BScN Nursing NN
BSc Biological Sciences NSB
BSc Biology & Biotechnology NBU
BSc Behavior, Cognition and Neuroscience NSX
BSc Environmental Biology (co-op) NSL
BSc Biochemistry NSY
BSc Biochemistry & Biotechnology NBT
BSc Chemistry NSC
BSc Chemistry & Physics NSK
BCS Computer Science (General) NT
BCS Computer Science (Honours) NTH
BCS Computer Science (co-op) NTC
BSc Computer Information Systems NSI
BSc Computer Information Systems (co-op) NSJ
BSc Computer Science with Software Engineering Specialization NSS
BSc Computer Science with Software Engineering Specialization (Co-op) NSU
BSc Environmental Geoscience NSV
BSc Environmental Geoscience Co-op NGG
BSc Geology NSG
BSc Geology Co-op NGC
BSc Geoinformatics NGI
BSc Environmental Science NSN
BSc Physical Geography NSH
BSc General Science NS
BSc/BEd Concurrent General Science & Education NSE
BSc/BEd/ECE Concurrent Science, Education & Early Childhood Education (with St. Clair College) NSF
BSc/MLS General Science - Medical Laboratory Science Diploma (concurrent with St. Clair College) NST
BSc Science, Technology & Society NSO
BMath General Mathematics (3 years) NMG
BMath Honours Mathematics NMH
BMath/Mathematics & Statistics (Honours) NSM
BMath Mathematics & Computer Science NSZ
BMath/BEd Mathematics & Education NMS
BMath/BEd Honours Mathematics & Education NMO
BOR Honours Operational Research (Co-op) NOR
BSc Physics & High Technology Fast-track NSP
BSc Physics & High Technology (Co-op) NPT
BSc Physics & Computer Science NSQ