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Important Information

Information About Applying

In order to apply to an Ontario university, you must submit an application through the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC).

There are two different application systems: one for students who are attending an Ontario secondary school and one for those who are not attending an Ontario secondary school (secondary school students from the rest of Canada, international and mature applicants).

You should complete the 101 application if you meet all of the following requirements:

  • You are taking courses during the day at an Ontario Secondary School (this includes students returning for second semester and graduated students returning to upgrade one or more courses).
  • You have not, at some point, been out of secondary school for more than seven consecutive months.
  • You have received or expect to receive your Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) with six 4U/M courses at the end of the current year.
  • You have not attended a postsecondary (college/university/career college) institution.
  • You are applying to the first year of an undergraduate degree program or diploma program at an Ontario university.

You can access the 101 online application by going to www.ouac.on.ca/ouac-101/, and then clicking "101 Online Application".

Make sure that you apply by the deadline. After you submit your initial application, you can still make changes to your university and program information. Apply early to avoid delays! Check out other links on the 101 Application Process website for answers to frequently asked questions, information about applying online, and information about programs.

You will complete the OUAC 105D application if:

  • You have previously attended a secondary school in another province or country and now plan to attend an Ontario secondary school but will have less than six 4U/M courses.
  • You have attended a postsecondary (college/university/career college) institution.
  • You are registered in an Ontario secondary school have graduated or have been out of secondary school for more than seven consecutive months.
  • You are registered only in night school courses or correspondence courses, or you are enrolled in any other form of distance education, such as internet courses (i.e., they do not hold simultaneous registration in day school and night school, etc.).

You can access the 105 online application by going to www.ouac.on.ca/ouac-105/. Contact the universities directly for information about application deadlines.

If you are interested in applying to law, medicine, teacher education (consecutive programs) or rehabilitation sciences, you must apply using a separate application. You can find information about these application processes at www.ouac.on.ca/applications/. If you cannot find the answers you need, ask your guidance counsellor or contact the OUAC directly.