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Brock University

Program Changes

Medical Sciences (previously Health Sciences)
This program change will include new offerings such as human medical histology, clinical human anatomy, clinical pharmacology and immunology, linking basic human medical science to an applied clinical perspective. The new name will help students distinguish between Medical Sciences, Biology and Biomedical science degrees at Brock.

Liberal Arts
We are no longer admitting new students into Liberal Arts

Medieval and Renaissance Studies
This program is now offered as an Honours combined major only

Visual Arts 
The Visual Arts program consists of studio and art history courses that provide a practical and critical understanding of the visual arts, emphasizing personal development. Students may take their degree in either History of Art and Visual Culture or Studio Art. This degree is no longer a BA in Visual Arts).

  • Concentrations are available in Curatorial Studies and in Digital Media and Productions
  • A Minor is offered in The History of Art and Visual Culture

Program Name Changes 

  • Hispanic and Latin American Studies (previously Iberian and Latin American Studies)
  • BA Social Sciences (previously BA General Studies – Social Sciences)
  • BA General Humanities (previously BA General Studies – Humanities)
  • BSc Honours Bachelor of Science – Sciences (previously BSc General Studies – Science)

Admission Updates

BSc Nursing
Effective for fall 2014 entry, Nursing prerequisite subjects must be completed at a minimum 75% (ENG4U, SBI4U, SCH4U).