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Hello! Welcome to eINFO – your starting point for researching Ontario's universities. You can use eINFO to find information about university programs, admission requirements, scholarships, residence, and much more. I’m going to give you a quick tour of the eINFO website: www.electronicinfo.ca.

To begin, we'll select "Find a Program" from the top menu. On this page, you can browse by program or by university, and then rate and compare your selections.

There are a number of options to search for program information. If you know the specific OUAC code for a program, for example, you can type it in here [visual in video] to view that program’s specific information.

To search for a program or an area of study in which Ontario's universities offer degrees, select the “Browse by Program” tab. Here you will see a list of all of the areas of study and the number of programs offered in each area. Search the areas of study alphabetically and scroll through to find those available that interest you. To the right of each listing, you will also see the number of programs associated with each area of study.

Let's say that you would like to see how many Astronomy programs are offered by Ontario universities.. In this case, there are four available programs, two at the University of Toronto, one at McMaster University and one at York University. You can rate these programs in order of interest by using the star rating system, or by checking the “Add to My Comparisons” box to save your selections for later review.

If you are interested in any of the programs, you can find a summary of the admission requirements by clicking the program name. To find out additional information about the program, click on the “More Details” button. This leads you to the “Program Details” page, which shows the full list of subjects of major interest that you can study through this program, along with contact information, campus unews, residence information and more.

Now, let’s say you would like to search by university and are interested in looking at all of the programs offered at McMaster University. Select the “Back to the Program Finder” link, then choose the “Browse by University” tab, scroll down to McMaster University and click to view all of the areas of study and the associated programs offered at McMaster. In this case, you can see that McMaster offers 20 programs. Scroll through McMaster’s areas of study and select one that interests you. As an example, let’s select “Business Informatics”. You can once again rate these programs in order of interest or check the “Add to My Comparisons” box to save your selections for later review. Click the arrow at the right to see a brief overview of the program and “More Details” to view additional information. Once again this brings you to the “Program Details” page. To return, click the “Back to the Program Finder” link.

When you are ready to review your selections, you can view the programs you star-rated by clicking the “Top Rated” tab in the “Find a Program” menu. You can also view your saved program comparisons by clicking the “Comparisons” tab in the same menu. In this tab you can compare programs by grade range, co-op offerings, prerequisites and more by selecting an item from the “Compare By” drop-down menu.

Now that we have found some programs, let's turn our attention to scholarships.

If you click on "Searchable Scholarships" in the top menu, you can search through all scholarships available at each university. Let's say that you are graduating with an 82% average and you want to see all scholarships that might be available to you at Ryerson University. You would select "Ryerson University" as the chosen university, then select your expected average, and then click "Search". Now you see a list of the scholarships that are available to you, their criteria, and the deadlines to apply.

You can also search scholarships by selecting "Other Criteria" in the "Expected Average" box. This will show the scholarships that are not awarded based on grades – they may be awarded based on community involvement, sports, or financial need.

You may also want to research the residence facilities available at each university. You can find this information under "Residences" in the top menu. Simply select a university to view details such as price, meal plans and room types, as well as contact information and a link to the residence website.

In the top menu, under "Important Information", look to the left and you will find a great deal of information about the universities, as well as important application deadlines, frequently asked questions, a university research checklist, and printable PDFs of university data. Take some time to browse through all of the valuable information available on this page.

The "Map of Ontario" link, in the top menu, shows the location of all universities in Ontario as well as their affiliates. There are 21 universities in Ontario, including the Royal Military College of Canada.

The last section in the top menu, "About eINFO", gives you an overview of the history and evolution of eINFO and some helpful hints for using the site.

eINFO is a fun and easy way to start the university research process. But remember – eINFO is not the definitive source of university information. For the most detailed program and course information, always consult the universities directly or visit their websites.

Now you know everything you need to make the most of eINFO! You’ll learn even more if you play around in the site, do several searches and research the many options available at Ontario universities.

Thank you for watching, and happy searching!