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Royal Military College of Canada

RMCC is now more than one hundred years old. It was established by an act of the Canadian Parliament in 1874 "for the purpose of providing a complete education in all branches of military tactics, fortification, engineering, and general scientific knowledge in subjects connected with and necessary to thorough knowledge of the military profession."

The graduates of RMCC have established a reputation of service and achievement throughout the world out of all proportion to their numbers. From the Northwest Rebellion of 1885, through the South African War, the First and Second World Wars, Korea, the Persian Gulf, to the latest peacekeeping operations, graduates of RMCC have distinguished themselves in all aspects of Canadian military service. Ex-cadets have been similarly prominent in a wide variety of civilian professions.

The life of an officer cadet during the vigorous years at the college is dominated by a program made up of four interlocking components of achievement: academics, military, athletics and bilinguism.