I want to study History, but the university I am interested in does not offer History as a degree. Does this mean the university does not offer History at all?

Program Information and Requirements

Chances are the university offers History, but it is listed as a "subject of major interest" rather than as a degree name. Subjects of major interest are areas (or subjects) that you can specialize in as part of a degree program.

For example, the university might have a degree called "Arts", through which you can study a number of subjects, including History, Drama, Economics, English, French, Sociology, Philosophy, etc.

To view all subjects of major interest available through a given program, go to that program's "Program Summary" section and select the "Overview" tab. You must apply to the general degree program first, and then select your major next.

For the most up-to-date information about program availability, contact the universities directly.