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Nouveaux programmes

Creative Writing
A minor in Creative Writing (BA) will give students the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue a career as a writer, whether they seek to do so within the literary community, in a related creative field, or in concert with another field. The program gives students an understanding of a wide range of literary forms and genres, and helps students to engage the transformation of literature by a host of contemporary technologies and creative communities.

Application Selection

  • Non-co-op option only: OUAC code TSA (Humanities)

Changements aux programmes

The general Management program now offers a stream in Health Administration.

Prerequisite Changes

Physical & Environmental Sciences
Physics (SPH4U) is now required for the following programs: Biochemistry; Biological Chemistry; Chemistry; Environmental Chemistry.


Concurrent Teacher Education Programs (CTEP)
The Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU) has introduced a new teacher education model that increases the number of required semesters of study from two to four.  Under the old model, the University of Toronto’s CTEP program integrated a four-year honours degree with the equivalent of two semesters of teacher education.  As a result of the new MTCU requirements, the U of T will no longer be admitting students into this program, beginning Fall 2014.

The U of T is working on new options for students interested in teacher education.  These are expected to be announced early in 2014.