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Offres d'admission

Basic Requirements for Admission
The OSSD and six 4U/M courses, including ENG4U, for all faculty- or program-specific prerequisites. Francophone applicants may present FRA4U, FEF4U or FIF4U.

Failed and Repeated Courses

York’s policy on repeated courses
Repeated courses are accepted. Admissions will consider the course with the highest grade, which may not necessarily be the most recently taken course. The Schulich School of Business reserves the right to review each situation on an individual basis.

York’s policy on failed courses:
Failed courses will be considered. Admissions will review the course with the highest grade.

Timing and Process for Admission Decisions
York will begin assessing applicants and may make conditional offers of admission as applications are received. Applicants are encouraged to present as strong an academic profile as possible.

York will consider 3U/M courses for initial admission purposes. Qualified applicants may be considered for alternate programs in cases where they do not meet the admission requirements of their original choice, or where their original program choice has filled.

Veuillez noter : ENG4U est requis pour tous les étudiants du nouveau programme. Les étudiants qui fréquentent une école secondaire de langue française peuvent remplacer ENG4U par FRA4U, FEF4U ou FIF4U.