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Offres d'admission

Basic Requirements for Admission

  • Completion of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)
  • Completion of six 4U/M level courses, including ENG4U and any other prerequisite courses specified by Brescia
  • English language proficiency
  • Required admission average including all prerequisite courses as specified by Brescia

Applicants who are not coming from an Ontario secondary school should contact the Admissions Office at 519-858-5151 or [email protected].

Failed and Repeated Courses
If a course has been taken more than once, the highest reported successful grade in the course will be used in the admission average calculation.

Timing and Process for Admission Decisions
Brescia University College will be extending offers of admission beginning in March to students who present mid-year and final grades with strong academic results. Applicants must have either completed or be enrolled in prerequisite courses for the program to which they have applied. Previous years of academic work may be reviewed to establish a consistent pattern of strong academic achievement. All other offers (conditional or final) are issued later in May and will be based only on 4U/M midterms and final grades. Application profiles are considered in May.

Brescia will continue to offer admission on a rolling basis throughout the summer, subject to program availability.

All offers of admission are conditional upon successful completion of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma and maintenance of a minimum final average on required courses as stipulated in the offer of admission. Admission averages will be based on the best six 4U/M grades, including prerequisite courses. Students not eligible for their specialized program choice are automatically considered for an alternate offer to Arts and Social Science.

Residence: Offers of residence are included with offers of admission.

Scholarship and Awards: Offers of scholarships and bursaries will be included with conditional offers of admission. Students who do not receive an offer in March will be eligible for both entrance scholarships and bursaries in May. Entrance scholarships at Brescia are guaranteed and unlimited in number, and are awarded based on final 4U/M grades.