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Basic Requirements for Admission
A minimum of six 4U/M (U/C) courses are required for admission. Laurier will use the top six grades from these courses when calculating the admission average, unless otherwise noted.

4U English must be at a minimum of 60% for all programs at Laurier unless otherwise specified. Applicants must also meet program-specific requirements; all required courses must be at a minimum of 60% unless otherwise specified.

Failed and Repeated Courses
When an applicant has repeated a course, the highest grade will be used in calculating the student's average with no penalty. Courses taken at night school/summer school are considered equivalent to regular daytime courses.

Timing and Process for Admission Decisions
Wilfrid Laurier University will begin to send out offers of admission to the highest qualified applicants beginning in January and continuing through May. Early conditional offers of admission are subject to applicants attaining specific prerequisite course requirement(s), completing Ontario Secondary School Diploma requirements and meeting a specific minimum final average. The admission average is based on the best six 4U/M courses (or equivalent). Students should check the university admissions secondary school applicant page, at www.wlu.ca/admissions/, for information and updates.

One Offer of Admission: Laurier can issue only one offer of admission per student. Applicants should list their program choices in order of preference. Applicants will be sent information in January/February about how to submit additional information to support their application for admission.

Alternate Offers: Normally applicants, who do not receive an offer of admission for the program to which they applied, will automatically be considered for admission to an alternate program, if space permits.

Residence: Residence applications are completed online. Students will receive details and deadlines in Laurier's New Student Welcome Book that will be mailed to applicants with their offer of admission. Residence is guaranteed to first-year secondary school students whose application form and deposit are received by the posted deadline.