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Basic Requirements for Admission
Admission decisions are made on evidence of enrolment in 4U/M grades (midterm/interim and/or final) including required courses. The minimum average for full-time admission consideration to most degree programs at Nipissing will be at least 70% and may be higher. The cut-off average for some specific programs and/or majors will be at least 75%, as noted below.

Failed and Repeated Courses
Nipissing will consider the highest grade of repeated courses. 

Timing and Process for Admission Decisions
Nipissing University will begin to make admission offers in January. Nipissing will continue to make admission offers from February to June as midterm/interim and final grades are received.

Admission averages will be calculated using the best six 4U/M marks (midterm/interim and final) including required courses. Required courses must be at the 4U level. Some applicants may receive early offers based on exceptional Grade 11 results. All admission offers are conditional pending successful completion of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) and a minimum of six 4U/M courses, including required courses as specified, by the end of June 2010. Offers are also conditional upon the maintenance of a minimum average (stated in an offer of admission) on final grades presented as of June 30.

Applications received by May 1 will be considered for admission and entrance scholarships equally.

Orientation to Teaching (OTT) may be added to any Nipissing degree program (except Nursing) by simply selecting "with Orientation to Teaching" when completing the OUAC online application.

Applicants to Nipissing's degree with OTT cannot use two choices on their application to apply to both a degree and a degree with OTT. Applicants can only apply to each degree program once. Applicants who are selected for OTT and who are eligible to the program to which they applied, may apply OTT to that program.

Please note that a minimum of 70% is required in ENG4U for all applicants to OTT. A minimum of 60% in a 4U math is required for consideration for OTT-Elementary. Admission to the degree program is separate from that of OTT. Applicants may be offered admission to the degree program but not selected for OTT. Those applicants can re-apply for OTT at the end of their first and/or second year at Nipissing.

Alternate Offers: Applicants who do not meet admission requirements or admission averages for the programs to which they applied will automatically be considered for an alternate program for which they do qualify.