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Inclusive Design Research Centre
OCAD University is excited to announce that as of August 1, 2010, the Inclusive Design Research Centre and the Inclusive Design Institute has joined its campus, relocating from the University of Toronto. The mission of the IDRC and the IDI is the inclusive design of emerging information, and communication systems and practices. All ongoing projects and services will accompany the move and the institutions will continue their long-standing collaboration with researchers from across the University of Toronto.

Digital Futures Initiative
OCAD University’s commitment to a digital future is attracting renowned international scholars and artists. This year an impressive group with unique expertise in the field has joined OCAD University to develop the Digital Futures Initiative (DFI), a set of cross-disciplinary programs and research in digital technology. As well, an inspiring collaboration among the faculties of Art, Design and Liberal Studies has resulted in a new interdisciplinary Digital Media Major Program to be launched soon. Two interdisciplinary minors relating to the the Digital Futures Intiative are currently available to all OCAD University students: www.ocad.ca/programs/digital_futures_initiative.htm.

Graduate Programs
At Toronto’s creative core, OCAD University has a 130+ year tradition of contemporary thinking and practice in art and design that now includes graduate degree programs: www.ocad.ca/programs/graduate_studies.htm, and Continuing Studies: www.ocad.ca/programs/continuing_studies.htm.

Changements aux programmes

In 2008, OCAD University introduced Studio and Liberal Studies minors into the curriculum. Minors will enable students to pursue a secondary field of study without compromising their major field. Students may officially declare minors during the first year of studies. More information can be found online: http://www.ocad.ca/programs/minors.htm

Admission - Mises à jour

Detailed admission information and updates can be found at: www.ocad.ca/prospective_students.htm.