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Arts and Science


Life Science:

• Environmental Biology (minor—offered jointly with the National University of Singapore)

• Forest Biomaterials Science (major, minor)

• Human Biology: Environment and Health (specialist, major)

• Human Biology: Health Care Ethics (major)

Physical and Mathematical Sciences:

• Nanoscience (minor—offered jointly with the National University of Singapore)

• Synthetic and Catalytic Chemistry (specialist)


• Asian Literatures and Cultures (minor—offered jointly with the National University of Singapore)

Social Sciences:

• Asian Geographies (minor—offered jointly with the National University of Singapore)

• Environmental Geography (specialist, major, minor)

Engineering Minors

Engineering at U of T is offering three new minors for undergraduate students in the eight core programs. In addition to the existing areas of specialization, minors are offered in Bioengineering, Sustainable Energy, and Environmental Engineering. The faculty is also working to create minors in Globalization and International Studies and Engineering and Public Policy.

New Degree name

U of T Engineering offers two distinct undergraduate degrees. Graduates from one of the Core 8 programs receive the Bachelor of Applied Science degree, while graduates from the Engineering Science program receive the Bachelor of Applied Science in Engineering Science.

Physical Education and Health

In September 2010, the faculty will introduce a new Bachelor of Kinesiology program and the Bachelor of Physical Education and Health curriculum will be revised. Students will take a common core curriculum in first and second year to provide foundational knowledge in all sub-disciplines. In the upper-years, students will have the advantage of selecting a preferred path of courses that will allow them to concentrate their studies in either Physical and Health Education or Kinesiology.

Admission - Mises à jour

Arts and Science

Important Information for First Choice Applicants to Victoria College: All current Ontario secondary school students (101 applicants) who rank Victoria College as their first choice college in the Faculty of Arts and Science (U of T St. George) are required to submit the Victoria College Student Profile. Current Ontario secondary school students who fail to submit the Victoria College Student Profile will not be considered for admission to Victoria College; however they would be considered for another college at the University of Toronto. Completion of the Vic One application will no longer satisfy this requirement. Applicants will be contacted by email in mid-late January 2011 with more information about this requirement.

Important Note: The Victoria College Student Profile is only available to applicants who have applied to the Faculty of Arts and Science, U of T St. George and have selected Victoria as their first choice college. Students who have only applied to another faculty (for example Engineering, Physical Education or Music) are not eligible to complete the profile.

The Faculty of Arts and Science no longer requires Advanced Functions in the calculation of a student’s final admission average for programs in Commerce and Science. The admission average for Commerce and Science programs will include six 4U/M courses: ENG4U and MCV4U and the next top four grades. It is expected that all students will have completed the Advanced Functions course as a co- or prerequisite for MCV4U. For more information please call the Office of Student Recruitment, Faculty of Arts and Science, at 416-978-4272.


Beginning in 2011 (i.e., for students applying for admission for September 2011 and later), a maximum of two music courses may be counted toward the six 4U/M course requirement. Jazz Performance applicants are now required to submit an audition DVD for pre-screening by January 14. Successful applicants will be invited to audition in person. See www.music.utoronto.ca.

Important Deadlines

• The OUAC application deadline for all programs is January 14.

• Deadline for submission of the required DVD for pre-screening (for all Jazz Performance applicants) is January 15.

• The online supplementary Music Questionnaire deadline is February 1. Applicants are encouraged to complete their application online as early as possible after December 1 to increase their chances of securing a preferred audition date.

• CTEP applicants are required to fill out the online CTEP Applicant Profile in addition to the Music Questionnaire. The deadline for the CTEP Applicant Profile is February 15. The online profile is available at www.ctep.utoronto.ca/ admissions/howtoapply.php

Physical Education and Health

BPHE Program
The faculty will make offers of admission to its applicants in three stages. A small number of early admission offers will be made to academically outstanding BPHE applicants in late February. The majority of offers will be made in early April with the remainder in late May.

BPHE Statement of Interest
All applicants to the faculty are required to complete the BPHE Statement of Interest, available at www.ac-fpeh.com/faculty_research/undergrad/soi.php. Applicants who do not submit a completed Statement of Interest to the Faculty will not be considered in the selection process.

Concurrent Teacher Education Program – Physical Education (CTEP)
Applicants to the Concurrent Teacher Education Program should be reminded that they must complete both the BPHE Statement of Interest as well as the CTEP Applicant Profile at www.ctep.utoronto.ca/admissions/admissions.html. Unsuccessful applicants to the CTEP option will be automatically considered for admission to the BPHE Program; no separate application is necessary. For more information about this program, please visit: www.ctep.utoronto.ca.

Admissions Decision

Again this year, three rounds of admission decisions will be made. A very limited number of offers will be made in February to exceptional candidates with complete applications. The majority of the decisions will be made in March with the final round of offers in early May. Notification of admission scholarships will be included in the offer of admission.

Engineering Applicant Portal
Applicants to Engineering at U of T can access all of the information they need about their applications online at the Engineering Applicant Portal. Once logged in using their U of T Applicant Number and PIN, students can: 1) see what supporting documents are required and if they have arrived at the U of T office; 2) complete the Student Profile Form (a mandatory part of the application process); 3) apply for residence. See http://www.apsc.utoronto.ca/myportal.

SkuleSpace Applicant Website
Designed just for applicants to Engineering at U of T, Skule™Space allows students to learn about the faculty through articles, video tours, information from current engineering students, live chat with admissions experts and video podcasts. Updated regularly, Skule™Space is an excellent resource for applicants, parents and counsellors. See www.skulespace1t3.uoftengineering.com.