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Renseignements universitaires

Nouveaux programmes

The Faculty of Science and Engineering has introduced the following programs:
Bachelor of Science in Environmental Biology (BSc)
Bachelor of Applied Science in Software Engineering (BASc)

The Faculty of Education now offers a direct-entry Bachelor of Education (BEd). Current Ontario secondary students entering the Faculty of Fine Arts, the Faculty of Science and Engineering or Glendon can apply for the direct-entry BEd and begin in their first year. A supplementary application form is required. Students from other Faculties must first complete one year of an undergraduate degree to be eligible for admission to the Faculty of Education.

Changements aux programmes

Glendon has closed Math for Commerce (BA).

The Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies:
- has changed the name of Labour Studies (BA) to Work and Labour Studies (BA);
- has closed the Russian Studies program; and
- has closed the following programs: Public Administration and Justice Studies, Public Policy and Administration, and Public Policy and Management. Students with an interest in these areas are encouraged to explore York's new Bachelor of Public Administration (BPA).