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Great News at UTM:  The Forensic Science Program is available for students admitted in 2011

The Forensic Science Program at U of T Mississauga was under review this past year and, as a result, students were not able to apply through the OUAC for admission for September 2011. However, the review is now complete, and the program will not see a gap in admission.
New more distinct requirements for each of UTM's four program streams (anthropology, biology, chemistry and psychology) allow students to pursue advanced study of their areas of interest within the broader structure of the forensic science program. Newly admitted students who have completed the required prerequisites will be able to pursue the program beginning in their first year.

The Forensic Science program will be posted on the OUAC website again for 2012 applications. Students who have not yet applied but are interested in being considered should apply to either Life Sciences, Chemical and Physical Sciences or Psychology, depending on their interest in a particular program stream. Any of these options can lead to the Forensic Science program. For further information, please contact the UTM student recruitment and admissions office, at 905-828-5400.