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Biodiversity, Ecology and Evolution (non co-op option)

The Department of Biological Sciences will be adding this specialist program. This is a laboratory and field course-rich program that presents a foundation for understanding how ecology and evolution shape organismal features (from morphology and physiology to behavior), and ultimately determine the broad patterns of organization of life on earth. At a time when habitat destruction and climate change are causing loss of species and disruption of ecosystems worldwide, graduates will be well trained to actively see solutions to these problems.

 Application Selection

  • Non co-op option: OUAC code TSL (Life Sciences - Biological Sciences)

Admission - Mises à jour

Grade 12 Biology

It is anticipated that for entry in 2012, Gr. 12 Biology (SBI4U) will be required for admission to many science programs.  The list of programs for which biology is currently recommended (but not required) can be found in the UTSC Viewbook (www.utsc.utoronto.ca/admissions/viewbook).  It is expected that for these programs biology will no longer be recommended, but required for entry in 2012.