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King’s is very excited about its Catholic Studies for Teachers program. This program provides an opportunity to complete a BA (Honours with a second major) with a guaranteed admission to the Bachelor of Education program at Western's Faculty of Education at the Intermediate/Senior level. Students interested in this program must apply to the King's Arts program (EKA) and indicate their subject of major interest as Catholic Studies for Teachers. Students will also be asked to complete a supplemental application package, which will include a personal statement, a letter of reference, a letter from their parish priest confirming their commitment to their faith as well as a resumé detailing volunteerism, extracurricular activities, part-time work and community service that demonstrate an interest in and skills related to teaching. More information about this exciting opportunity can be found in the King’s Viewbook or at www.kings.uwo.ca.

NEW for 2011!  King's is now able to admit students into both the Junior Intermediate and Senior Intermediate pathways for the CST program.

NEW for 2011: King's has approved a new first-year program called Foundations in the Humanities which is an interdisciplinary approach to first-year studies allowing students to explore traditions of western civilization from three perspectives: History, Literature and Philosophy. Further information about this program can be found at:  www.kingsconnect.ca/academics/first-year-programs/arts/kings-foundations-in-the-humanities/.

Students interested in this program can apply to the Arts program (EKA) and indicate Foundations in the Humanities as subject of major interest.