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Nouveaux programmes

A new Bachelor of Engineering program in Architectural Conservation and Sustainability Engineering is now offered at Carleton. The program teaches students to approach the design and retrofit of new and existing buildings with sustainability as the primary objective, which includes considering the life cycle costs and impacts of the materials selected, the energy needs and consumption, and the effective reuse and adaptation of existing structures. Students in the program will work closely with Carleton's architecture students and will have the option of following a structures stream or an environmental stream after their second year. The program offers a co-op option as well.

Carleton is offering four new concentrations in Biology (BSc and BA programs): Physiology; Ecology, Evolution and Behaviour; Molecular and Cellular Biology; and Health Science. There is also a new Bachelor of Science major in Biology.

Carleton has a new concentration in Transnational Law and Human Rights in the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Law program. This concentration examines the potential (and limits) of law in addressing human rights issues both in Canada and internationally, and studies the development of transnational approaches to law and human rights.

Carleton's new concentration in Resource Economics in the Bachelor of Science (Honours) program in Earth Sciences combines courses in economics and math with courses in earth sciences.

A new concentration in Supply Chain Management is offered in the Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) program (replacing the Operations Management concentration). Supply Chain Management includes activities and functions traditionally covered under the discipline of Operations Management.

A new minor in Food Science and Nutrition, and European and Russian Studies have been added.

New co-op programs are offered in the Bachelor of Arts in French, History, and European and Russian Studies.

Changements aux programmes

Carleton's Bachelor of Science in Integrated Science has renamed its Health Science concentration to Life and Health Sciences.

Carleton has renamed its minor in Aboriginal Studies to Indigenous Studies.

Two concentrations in Political Science have been renamed: Comparative Politics and Area Studies (Industrialized States) is now Comparative Politics and Area Studies (Global North), and Comparative Politics and Area Studies (Development and Underdevelopment) is now Comparative Politics and Area Studies (Global South).

Carleton's minor in Earth Sciences is being replaced with a minor in Earth Sciences: Earth Resources and Processes.

The Applied Language Studies program has changed its name to Applied Linguistics and Discourse Studies. The Combined Honours program in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics and Discourse Studies has changed to a BA Combined Honours in Linguistics and Discourse Studies.

Computational Geophysics (BSc program) and Computational Chemistry (BSc program) are no longer offered.

The concentration in Operations Management (Bachelor of Commerce) is no longer offered. The new concentration in Supply Chain Management has replaced Operations Management.

Admission - Mises à jour

The requirements for the Bachelor of Information Technology program have changed. The six 4U/M courses required must include one science course, a 4U course in English, and a 4U course in math (MHF4U, MCV4U, or MDM4U); MCV4U and SPH4U recommended.