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To be exempted from presenting a language test score, applicants must have studied for at least three years of full-time secondary or postsecondary studies at an institution where the language of instruction is strictly English and in a country where the official language is English.

If a student wishes to study in French and their mother tongue is not French, or if they have not studied full time in French for at least three years, the university reserves the right to administer a written proficiency test.

Competency in English and French is compulsory for French, Translation, and Nutrition programs. Applicants to these programs must pass a language proficiency test (with a minimum grade of at least 70%) prior to admission.

Note minimale TOEFL

92 iBT, with 24 Writing and Reading, 20 Speaking and Listening
237 CBT, TWE of 4.5
580 PBT, TWE of 4.5

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Note minimale IELTS


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6 novembre 2010.

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