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Renseignements importants

Renseignements universitaires

For students to be exempt from these requirements, they must have studied full time in an English-language school system for the four most recent years preceding the beginning of studies at the University of Waterloo.

These requirements are separate from, and in addition to, the requirement to present 4U English if it is listed as a specific requirement for a program. A 4U English is required for most programs.

Students can improve their English before, or while attending Waterloo. See http://www.international.uwaterloo.ca/study_english.html

Note minimale TOEFL

iBT: 90 total with 25 Writing and 25 Speaking.
PBT*: 580 total with 5.0 TWE.

* Applicants who submit a PBT score must also present a Test of Spoken English (TSE) score of 50 for admission consideration. Math and Computer Science Regular applicants are exempt from the TSE requirement.

Note minimale MELAB

85 overall with 80 per section. For Co-op programs: 3 Speaking

Note minimale IELTS

7.0 overall

Note minimale CAEL

70 overall with no band below 60; 70 Writing and 70 Speaking.

Autres notes

Minimum PTE (Academic) Score – 63 overall with 65 Writing and 65 Speaking

Dernière date de l'examen

Results must be rec'd at Waterloo by March 31, 2011. Arch. and AFM Programs: Results must be rec'd at Waterloo by March 9.

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