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Renseignements importants

Renseignements importants

There are countless reasons to choose Laurentian University to pursue your postsecondary education, among which, the most quoted reason by more than 50,000 students who have chosen Laurentian over the years: a personalized learning experience.

Laurentian's much envied faculty to student ratio provides for as much one-on-one learning as possible, which increases student success rates and engagement, and enriches their experience. With over 140 undergraduate programs, and 27 graduate and doctoral programs, Laurentian sets the bar with leading programs that have gained national attention and recognition.

A bilingual institution with a tri-cultural mandate, Laurentian offers  a number of its programs in French, and the flexibility of enroling in French or English courses in many of its programs. Students thrive at Laurentian in an environment that celebrates and respects individuality.

With its multifaceted and impressive research projects, Laurentian is on the leading edge of innovation and ongoing pursuit of discovery: from preventing the spread of malaria, discovering patents for early-diagnosis of breast cancer, and promoting environmental sustainability, to solving the mysteries surrounding the creation of the universe.

In fact, Laurentian was recently ranked the sixth fastest-growing research university in the country (Research Infosource).

Beyond the scope of its unmatched natural setting and its welcoming environment, Laurentian will provide clear pathways towards fascinating careers and personal growth.  It is a place you will likely call home.