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Renseignements importants

Renseignements importants

At York, we have a compelling vision: to create an interdisciplinary academic community of researchers, teachers and students whose first­-rate credentials enable them to spearhead change and innovation in ways never before imagined. We break down traditional boundaries and bring together thinkers from every discipline to tackle practical issues. We don’t just see things in a different light; we see the light in its entire spectrum.

York is now Canada’s third-largest university. That’s because we offer an unparalleled academic experience. Our top­ ranked programs set international standards. Our unique, interdisciplinary approach to learning allows students to study issues from all angles and to combine majors in completely different fields. York’s faculty – who are among the finest anywhere – expand the horizons of our students. And our research tackles real­-world challenges by taking a uniquely interdisciplinary approach that brings real­-world solutions. 

As Canada’s leading interdisciplinary teaching and research university, York is a place where the curious thrive, and where a climate of innovation celebrates those who look beyond the ordinary.

Nearly 50,000 students and 7,000 staff and professors attend York University's two campuses: Keele and Glendon. The modern 185-hectare (457-acre) Keele campus is a self-contained community with extensive modern facilities including restaurants, a shopping mall, banks and a medical/dental clinic. Glendon, a smaller liberal arts faculty, is set on 33 hectares (81 acres) of park land, minutes from the boutiques, restaurants and nightlife of mid-town Toronto. At Glendon, students will reap the benefits of studying in an international, bilingual environment.