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Plan de repas

Meal plans are mandatory for all traditional-style residences, and range in price from $3,500-$4,000. Students living in a townhouse-style residence may purchase a meal plan if they wish.

Meal plan options are offered as Declining Cash Balance (DCB) plans, and are offered at Small, Standard, and Large levels.  DCB is a flexible, no-worry alternative to carrying cash.

Please visit http://brocku.ca/dining-services  for more information.

Types de chambre

Brock offers six individual residences in two distinct styles: traditional and townhouse. Traditional-style residences have both single and double rooms grouped into communities of “houses” or “halls” of 40 to 60 students. Washroom facilities are shared with one to six other students.

Townhouse-style residences offer the convenience of on-campus living, with a more independent lifestyle. Students will share a unit with two, three, or four other students and have the option to cook their own meals. All rooms in Quarry View Residence are singles. There is one double room and three single rooms in each Village Residence unit. Townhouse-style residences also feature a kitchen, living area, and two bathrooms per house.


All residences are close to the main buildings on campus. Several rooms are designed to accommodate those with mobility devices. Residence fees include utilities, local telephone, network and cable TV connections.

Garantie de résidence

Brock is happy to guarantee residence to:

  1. incoming year-one students entering directly from secondary school (attending as a full-time student the preceding academic year); or
  2. incoming year-one full-time students whose primary residence is outside of Ontario.

In both cases, this guarantee applies only if Brock receives the residence application and deposit by the June 2, 2011, deadline.

Dépôt de résidence exigé



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