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$3,985-$6,485 (meals not included).

Plan de repas

Declining balance system with light, small, regular, large and extra-large options ($2,675–$3,425). Students in all residences are required to purchase a meal plan. Students living in the Bates or Mary E. Keyes buildings have the option of selecting a reduced meal plan ($1,990–$2,740).

Types de chambre

Most first-year students are housed in double, gender-specific rooms. Both co-ed and all-female buildings are available, although the majority of buildings are co-ed.


Lifestyle options include International House, Halcyon House (quieter lifestyle), La Maison Française, Wellness House, substance-free floors and quiet floors; all rooms have a telephone (with a handset) and internet connection for each resident. All buildings are smoke-free and have secured, card-access entrances.

Garantie de résidence

Guaranteed residence status is determined by academic performance (provided the deposit and residence application are received by the June 2 deadline). Last year, a 78%* admission average guaranteed residence accommodation. A wait list is established for those below the cut-off mark.

Room assignment is confirmed in July.

*Under review.

Dépôt de résidence exigé



905-525-9140, ext. 24342

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