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$6,010 (Single O'Neil/Ridley)
$5,851 (Single Hellmuth)
$5,483 (Double O'Neil/Ridley or Hellmuth)
$6,505 (suite-style building)
*Fees include RezNet

Plan de repas

Mandatory: $3,685 - A, $3,025 - B, $2,260 - C

Types de chambre

Buildings are co-ed. Traditional and suite-style rooms. 70% are single.


Clean, comfortable accommodation; close to classes and facilities; smoke-free; quiet hours and residence life programming.

Garantie de résidence

Rooms will be allocated by random lottery. Residence is guaranteed to first-year students, and students with an average of 90% or better are guaranteed a single room.

Dépôt de résidence exigé



519-438-7224, ext. 204

Adresse électronique

[email protected]

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