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Plan de repas

Laurier Brantford does not currently have a traditional meal plan. All residences include kitchens. There are also a large number of food providers, including those that are student-owned and operated, between campus buildings.

Types de chambre

All Laurier Brantford residences are currently apartment-style. The apartments are co-ed by floor and include single-gender apartments and a mix of single and double rooms.


Laurier Brantford residences are situated in new and newly-renovated buildings, some with heritage designations that date as far back as 1870. Authentic restorations have allowed for modern amenities, such as wireless internet access, while maintaining aspects of historical charm, such as cornerstones, mouldings and three-foot window sills.

Garantie de résidence

Residence is guaranteed to all first-year students who submit their application and deposit by the deadline. Students who have an average of 90% or more have their choice of residence and room style.

Dépôt de résidence exigé

$400 by the posted deadline.

Renseignements additionnels

Laurier Brantford is currently exploring additional residence opportunities. Styles may differ from those currently offered.


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