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Approximately $3,000 including the mandatory meal plan.

Plan de repas

The RMC Cadet Mess provides facilities for the training of the Cadet Wing in the customs and practices of a Service Mess, and has facilities for social and recreational activities, which are an integral part of college life.

The general administration is carried out by a Cadet Mess Committee with cadet representation from all years, assisted by a staff advisor from the Cadet Wing. The Mess is conducted in the form of a Service Officers Mess with cadets filling the responsible positions. The RMC Cadet Mess has its own constitution and by-laws where the responsibilities and privileges of its cadet members are explained.

Types de chambre

The College is fully residential, the cadets (other than UTPNCM) live together in a military environment. Cadets are responsible for the administration of many of the activities in their life at RMC. This situation gives all cadets the chance to observe the leadership of others and helps them to learn this art by accepting such responsibilities themselves.

Single rooms are normally provided for fourth year officer cadets. Other senior cadets are allocated single rooms on a space available basis. In the first year, officer cadets are placed in doubled rooms. All residences are co-educational. On-campus dining is provided. Full recreational facilities, including an indoor swimming pool, are available in close proximity to the residences. Cadets of the UTPNCM program do not live in residence. Cadets who are married or have common law status may be authorized by their chain of command to live off-campus. Other cadets who want to rent civilian accommodation must ask permission to live off-campus.

Renseignements additionnels

Chaplain Services

The Chaplains - Protestant and Roman Catholic - conduct regular Sunday Services of Divine Worship. Officer Cadets, and other college personnel and their families are invited to attend all regularly scheduled activities.

Officer Cadets will find during Bible study groups, padre's hours and at other occasions, opportunities for valuable interchange with the Chaplains and each other on ethical, moral and religious issues. The Chaplains are always available for individual counseling.


The CANEX is a small store available for the purchase of personal articles, souvenirs, snacks and dry cleaning.