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$8,169-$10,945 (includes telephone with local service, internet connection, meals).

Note: Price is for 2010-2011.

Plan de repas

Meal plans are mandatory for all traditional residences and Prescott House. The meal plan choices include a combinations of meals in the residence dining hall, limited to three per day (with the exception of Meal Plan F), and dining dollars (with the exception of Plans E and F), to be used at any time at any of the university-operated food service outlets.

Please note that the amount of dining dollars is the total provided over the eight months of residence. Furthermore, it is allotted in halves (at the beginning of September and of January).

Meal Plans:

Plan A: 14 meals per week with $100 dining dollars

Plan B: 12 meals per week with $150 dining dollars

Plan C: 9 meals per week with $450 dining dollars

Plan D: 5 meals per week with $450 dining dollars (this plan is limited to suites residence)

Plan E: 19 meals per week

Plan F: No limit to number of meals per day or week

Types de chambre

The majority of rooms are traditional, double accommodation with a limited number of singles and suite-style residence accommodations. Both co-ed and single-gender (limited number, traditional residence only) floors are available. Rooms and bathrooms are not co-ed.


All rooms are smoke-free; limited number of accessible rooms/attendant service for students with physical disabilities; Residence Life program with live-in staff; counsellor-in-residence program; special interest areas (Wellness, Fine Arts/Music, High Tech, and Humanities - reviewed annually). Accommodation available on "quieter" floors (reviewed annually).

Garantie de résidence

Space in residence is guaranteed to all current secondary school and CEGEP students entering first-year studies who complete the Residence Information Form, accept the offer of residence accommodation and pay the residence deposit by the deadline - all online. Offers of residence and wait list priority numbers for other applicants are determined by lottery.

Dépôt de résidence exigé

Yes - payment by Visa or MasterCard only.



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