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Renseignements importants

Renseignements importants

Glendon – A Natural Jewel
Enter the graceful stone gates of Glendon, a country estate set on 85 lush acres of parkland and gardens in the heart of Toronto. With a beautifully restored historic mansion at its centre, and a close-knit, diverse community of professors, staff and students, you couldn't find a better place to receive a top-quality liberal arts education with a special focus on languages and public affairs. Plus, you have the unique opportunity to study and live on campus in English and French, and often in Spanish too.

A Sense of Community
In addition to its natural beauty, the Glendon Campus offers students a truly customized education. With a student population of 2,600 and an average class size of 20, students and professors can really get to know each other. And as a full-fledged faculty and separate campus of York University, the Glendon community benefits from the vast resources available at York’s larger Keele Campus, a short, free shuttle bus ride away.

Excellence in the Liberal Arts
With choices of 20 undergraduate Bachelor of Arts degrees, 19 international Bachelor of Arts degrees (Bilingual and Trilingual iBA), and eight certificate programs in the liberal arts, students can take courses in various disciplines and combine different programs for a unique, personalized degree. Glendon also offers three programs at the graduate level (French Studies, Public and International Affairs, and Translation Studies). An extensive international exchange program, internships, mentorships, conferences and high profile guest speakers offer students the chance to combine their studies with practical, real-world experience.

An International, Bilingual Flair
A Glendon education is set in a vibrant, international, bilingual environment. Students, professors, and staff hail from over 130 countries around the world, and value the opportunity to study, live, and work in English and French – and other languages. Students build their language skills while earning their degree. What an advantage this bilingual, international education proves to be when students join the workforce, meet people from different backgrounds and travel the world.

A Bright Future
Glendon's alumni are leaders in all walks of life, both in Canada and on the international scene. They are at the forefront of their professions and their communities, clearly demonstrating the unique career edge that a Glendon liberal arts education provides.