Within the past year, the Ontario government has changed the secondary school mathematics curriculum, and therefore the prerequisites for many university programs will change for those students beginning university studies in fall 2008. These curriculum changes have compelled Ontario's universities to review and update all of their admission requirements for 2008. The result of this update is the coordinated, advanced release of all admission requirements, including the new math requirements, which will assist university-bound students in planning their Grade 12 course selections accordingly.


1. Math Course Requirements:
Students interested in university programs that require Grade 12 mathematics courses should be aware that, under Ministry of Education guidelines, MHF4U is a prerequisite or corequisite of MCV4U. This means that MHF4U must be taken before or, depending on your secondary school course scheduling rules, at the same time as MCV4U. Some university programs require both of these mathematics courses. However, you will also see that, in some cases, the requirement may be stated as MCV4U and one other math course. Note: Those who plan to take MCV4U to meet university requirements should keep in mind that MHF4U must be taken concurrently with or precede MCV4U to satisfy course requirements specified by the Ministry of Education. If you have questions about these requirements you should consult with your guidance counsellor.

2. Admission Averages:
Please note that universities have different admission average calculation methodologies. For example, some universities specify that required courses be included in the average, while others only use the best six 4U or 4M courses in the average. Applicants should consult individual university admissions publications, websites or eINFO, at www.electronicinfo.ca , for specific information about admission average calculation.

3. Old Versus New Mathematics Curriculum - View new list of university policies (updated May 16, 2007)

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