Video Transcript: Ontario's Universities. World Class. Right Here.

Ontario’s Universities: World Class. Right Here.

Where are you going?


Ontario is an education powerhouse with twenty-one (21) universities. That’s forty-four (44) percent of Canada’s total university population.1


The best of all worlds.
On your own. Yet close to home. Living and learning.

To choose.

A wealth of academic programs.
Thousands of options.
Combine courses in a way that works for you.

To think.

Your most valuable asset? Your brain. Grow it here. Four (4) billion dollars a year spent on research.2

To work.

Fact: Ninety-two (92) percent of Ontario university grads get jobs within six (6) months.3

To lead.

Ontario universities are the ultimate network. Known across the world.

To connect.

Friendships. That last a lifetime.

To get ready.

For anything. Even jobs we don’t yet know about.

Into another world.

Of opportunity. Right here. Or over there.

To earn more.

Fact: university grads have higher incomes. Thirty-three (33) percent higher to start.4

To make a difference.

Knowledge is power. Yours. The world awaits.

So, where are you going?

Ontario’s universities. World class. Right here.



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