Offers of Admission

Basic Requirements for Admission

For Ontario high schools, the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) is required, with six 4U/M courses. Prerequisite courses must be at the 4U level. 4U English is recommended. Credits for out-of-class co-op work experience will not be considered as part of the 6 courses. Admission averages and prerequisites vary by degree and program.

Failed and Repeated Courses

We take the highest mark for repeated courses.

Timing and Process for Admission Decisions

We will begin to make offers of admission based on Grade 12 interim grades or a combination of Grade 12 interim grades and Grade 11 and 12 final grades in January/February.

Offers will continue to be made until mid-June. After that date, offers will be made using Grade 12 final grades or a combination of final grades and final summer course grades. For specialized programs (Architectural Studies, Humanities, Industrial Design, Information Technology [Interactive Multimedia and Design], Music and Social Work) that require additional information (e.g., portfolios, interviews, auditions) and that have documentation deadlines, admission decision will begin to be made between 2 and 4 weeks after the documentation deadline.

If you are applying to any of the specialty programs listed above and are also planning to submit an English-language test score, please note that scores are due on, or before, the portfolio or supplementary application deadlines.

Note: Most offers of admission are conditional. These offers of admission are based on early or interim grades. Once we receive your final grades, we will re-assess the application to ensure that it still meets the requirements for the program and that you have received the OSSD. If you no longer meet the required averages or have not received the OSSD, we will withdraw the offer of admission and cancel registration. However, where it is possible, we will attempt to provide an alternative offer of admission.

If you have been admitted to Carleton with an admission average of 80% or better, you will automatically be considered for 1 of our entrance scholarships. The admission average is calculated based on the high school grades that were submitted in support of the university application, and may be a combination of early/interim or final marks. You may be offered an entrance scholarship provided that our Admissions Services receives the complete application for admission and all grades by June 15. Any required prerequisite courses are included in the calculation of the admission average.

  • If you were given a scholarship offer based on early grades, and your admission average is higher when we receive your midterm grades in May, you will have your scholarship adjusted upward, if applicable.
  • If your midterm average is lower than the average calculated from early grades, you will keep the original scholarship offer.
  • Scholarships are not re-assessed based on the grades received in June/July.
  • The entrance scholarship offer is valid as long as you remain admissible to the chosen program.