Offers of Admission

How We Make Admission Decisions

  • We reserve the right to consider additional academic information, which may impact the status of your application, including but not limited to: Repeated courses, consistency, and when and where courses and/or tests were completed.
  • You will receive an admission decision on each application you submit to Laurier (up to a maximum of 3 programs).
  • If you are not eligible for admission into your program of choice, we will automatically assess your application to see if you qualify for admission into another program.
  • Laurier may utilize wait lists for competitive programs. Students who are placed on a wait list will also receive an offer of admission to an alternate program.

Basic Requirements for Admission

To calculate your admission average, we will consider your top six 4U/M courses.

All 4U prerequisite courses are calculated in your admission average, regardless of whether or not they are part of your top 6 courses, for the following programs:

  • All double-degree programs
  • All Business Administration (BBA) programs
  • All Economics programs*
  • All Faculty of Science programs*
  • BA in Policing and Psychology in combination*
  • BASc in Public Health
  • BSc in Geography

The 3 exceptions are the Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology, Bachelor of Arts in Policing and Psychology and Bachelor of Kinesiology (BKin) programs, which do not include the required math course when calculating the admission average.

For all other programs, we will look at your top 6 marks, regardless of whether or not your prerequisites are included in that average.

4U English must be at a minimum of 60% for all programs unless otherwise specified. You must also meet program-specific requirements. All required courses must be at a minimum of 60% unless otherwise specified.

Supplementary Application

You can choose to submit extracurricular information that may be used for admission consideration through the Applicant Background Summary (ABS form). The ABS form is submitted online and available to all applicants, except those applying to the Faculty of Music, as additional information is collected through the audition process. More information will be provided to applicants in their confirmation of application email from Laurier or can be found in the Admissions Toolkit.

Special Case or Extenuating Circumstances

If you believe any present or recent circumstances have adversely affected your ability to achieve a strong academic standing, you may provide supporting details through a personal statement addressed to the Recruitment Admissions office.

Ontario Secondary School Students

Admission decisions are made on an ongoing basis between December and May using available grade information. All offers of admission are conditional until final grades are received by the Recruitment & Admissions office.

December and January offers – Admission is based on your best five 3U/M courses. You must be enrolled in all 4U/M prerequisite courses for your program.

February and March offers – Admission is based on your best six 3U/M and/or 4U/M courses. A minimum of three 4U/M courses are calculated as part of your best 6. You must be enrolled in all 4U/M prerequisite courses required for your program.

April and May offers – Admission is based on your best six 4U/M courses. Some programs include prerequisite courses in your admission average. Your best 6 will include your second-semester midterm grades if you are still completing your Grade 12 year.

For more information and updates, visit our Undergraduate Admission Toolkit.


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