Offers of Admission

All offers of admission made to Ontario high school students by Queen's University prior to receiving final grades and completing the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) are conditional. Decisions can be based on final Grade 11 results (with registration in appropriate Grade 12 courses), final first-semester Grade 12 results, and/or Grade 12 interim results.

Basic Requirements for Admission

The OSSD and six 4U/M courses, including a minimum of 2 courses at the U level, are required. Please review the specific program requirements for more details, as some programs may require more than 2 courses at the U level. Average calculation is based on prerequisite subjects, plus the next best 4U/M courses, for a total of 6 courses. Note: The Engineering admission average is calculated using only the 5 prerequisite courses.

The Personal Statement of Experience (PSE) and Supplementary Essay (SE)

Admission at Queen’s is very competitive and we use the Personal Statement of Experience, Supplementary Essay (where required) and your academic record to help make admission decisions. For all programs, except Commerce, completion of the PSE is optional, but strongly recommended.

If your grades place you above a minimum admission average (as determined by Queen's), we will use your PSE to learn more about you. Based on your PSE and your grades, you may be selected for an offer of admission. The minimum admission average, and the number of students selected based on the PSE, varies from year-to-year and is dependent on the number of applicants to the program, the academic strength of the applicants in a given year, and the number of spaces available. The unique demand of the program and the admission circumstances in a given year are also taken into consideration.

For the Commerce program, the PSE and Supplementary Essay are required documents and the last date to submit is February 15.

Failed and Repeated Courses

Ontario universities support full disclosure of all marks achieved in all attempts at a high school course. At Queen's, all undergraduate programs will use the most recent grade achieved when calculating the admission average.

Timing and Process for Admission Decisions

Admission decisions will be made once all required documentation is submitted to Undergraduate Admission and Recruitment. The deadline for Ontario secondary school students to submit documentation to Queen's (not including the PSE/SE) is April 30.

Admission decisions will be made on an ongoing basis from early-December to mid-May. Ontario secondary school students are required to respond to offers of admission by June 1.

Alternative Offers

Queen's University does not make alternative offers of admission. You are considered only for the program(s) you apply for (or amend) through the Ontario Universities' Application Centre. You should ensure all program choices are listed on your application.


Residence is guaranteed to first-year students who complete the online residence application form and submit the minimum residence deposit by June 8.

Scholarships and Awards

Students selected for general entrance scholarships based on outstanding academic achievement will be notified of their scholarship at the time of admission.

A student's awards average is calculated using the same courses required for admission to a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree program, as identified on the Undergraduate Admission website. For Ontario high school students, a minimum of three 4U courses, including English (ENG4U), and three additional 4U/M courses are used to calculate the awards average. For program-specific scholarships, the prerequisite courses for the program are included when the awards average is calculated.

For more information about scholarships, bursaries and awards, including requirements and application deadlines, visit the Student Awards website.