Residences & Meal Plans

Residence Price(s)

$14,215 (double room)

Room Types

Queen’s Residences offer a diverse range of living environments to meet a variety of student lifestyles. Residences range from small buildings housing 68 students to larger halls with nearly 800 students.

First-year students are assigned single, double, triple or quad rooms on both main and west campus using a random computer lottery process. This process takes into consideration, but does not guarantee, the preferences listed on a student's application. The chances of a student getting 1 of his or her preferences depends on a number of variables, including the lottery number, the number of students with similar preferences, and the availability of particular preferences in any given year.

Room and roommate preferences are submitted via an online application. A link to the residence application will be provided at the time of admission and must be submitted no later than June 10.

Find more information about residence at Queen's.


All rooms include the following items for each student:

  • Bed with mattress
  • Dresser
  • Desk
  • Bulletin board
  • Bookshelf
  • Chair
  • Mirror
  • High-speed data connection for each student

Rooms vary in size and shape considerably, both among and within buildings. Some rooms have carpet, while others do not, and not all rooms have the same window sizes and furniture.

Residence Guarantee

A place in residence is guaranteed to all full-time students admitted to the first year of an undergraduate degree program, provided that they submit their online residence application and deposit by June 10.

Deposit Required

A $525 deposit is due by June 10.

Meal Plans

Queen’s University provides first-year students living in residence with a hearty meal plan to suit the varying appetites of a diverse student population. The cost of a meal plan is automatically included in each student's residence fees. Students will automatically be enrolled in their meal plan when they apply for residence. Find more information about meal plans at Queen's.

Other Information

Queen's University offers a number of Living Learning Communities (LLCs), which are floors or clusters of rooms where students with similar interests and values live together. This allows students to:

  • share goals, projects and challenges, and make like-minded friends, and
  • benefit from peer- and professionally-led support, created with the students’ interests and development in mind.

LLCs are close-knit communities with high participation and creative programs. Spaces on our LLCs are limited – please read the descriptions on the Queen's Residence website before applying. Remember to choose your room type (single, double) when indicating your preference for one of these floors on your application.

Find more information about Living Learning Communities at Queen's.