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Trent offers an impressive range of academically rigorous programs across the arts and sciences, as well as professional and speciality programs, with all the benefits of high-quality research and exemplary teaching within a personal, close-knit community. Check out some of our newest and most popular programs:

Law & Arts/Law & Business: Trent/Swansea Dual Degree (LL.B. & B.A. or LL.B. & B.B.A.): In this one-of-a-kind program, you will graduate with 2 degrees in just 6 years - a Bachelor of Arts Honours or a Bachelor of Business Administration degree at Trent, and a law degree from Swansea University's renowned Hillary Rodham Clinton School of Law. You’ll have the chance to take your education global while you live, learn, travel, explore and live abroad in the UK.

Chemical Engineering Dual Degree (B.Sc. Chemistry & B.Eng.)*: Simultaneously earn both a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Bachelor of Engineering degree in just 4 years instead of 7 through a new partnership between Trent University and Swansea University in the UK. You can even apply to graduate with a Masters in Engineering, adding just 1 more year to the dual degree – an option available to top students in their third or fourth year at Swansea.

Medical Professional Stream (B.A. or B.Sc.): This 4-year stream gives you an automatic edge with professional program examinations, applications, and interviews. Trent’s one-of-a-kind preparatory program is taken jointly with any B.A. or B.Sc. degree and gives you access to a variety of support and guidance services you need to achieve your medical, dentistry, veterinary or pharmacy school dreams starting day one of your undergraduate degree.

A Business School with a Difference: Trent’s popular School of Business offers all the advantages of a traditional Bachelor of Business Administration and more, providing students with the opportunity to specialize their degree in Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management, Information Systems and E-Commerce, or Marketing and Consumer Culture.

Forensic Science: Trent is proud to offer a wide variety of professional forensic science programs, each one giving you access to the industry’s best forensic lab facilities and expert faculty. No other university in Canada provides the quality and breadth of forensic programming that you’ll find at Trent. Program options include Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science (B.Sc.F.S.), Bachelor of Science in Forensic Biology (B.Sc.F.B.), Bachelor of Forensic Science in Forensic Chemistry (B.Sc.F.C.) and Joint Majors in Forensics.

Conservation Biology Co-Op Option (B.Sc.): With so many of the world’s species currently at risk, there is an essential need for experts who are capable of creating innovative solutions to counteract the growing loss of wildlife and their habitat. In this program – the only one of its kind in Ontario – gain hands-on, valuable experience working with groups like the Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry, Nature Conservancy Canada, Metro Toronto Zoo, Parks Canada and more. 

Indigenous Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.): Schools all over Canada are in need of Indigenous educators, and an educational environment that honours the culture, language and world view of the Indigenous student is critical. A fully-accredited educational experience, this concurrent 5-year program – the first of its kind in North America – allows students to complete 3 years of general studies and 2 years of professional studies, all in 1 degree. 

*Pending approval