University of Waterloo – Renison University College

Special Characteristics

  • All students at Renison University College are working toward a valuable University of Waterloo degree, but benefit from being a part of a smaller community on Waterloo's main campus.
  • Our programs include Social Development Studies, Bachelor of Social Work (requires a Bachelor of Arts for admission), Master of Social Work, Applied Language Studies, East Asian Studies, Studies in Islam, Religious Studies, and both credit and non-credit courses in Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Arabic. Check out Renison's academic programs for more information.
  • At Renison, you'll take courses in smaller classrooms. Our largest room holds 100 students, but we cap our class sizes at about 50. A smaller class means more participation, interaction and engagement.
  • If you have questions about something, it's easy to connect with your professor, your academic advisor or classmates for help.
  • And don't worry about missing out on the full "university experience" – being a student at Renison means you still have all the benefits of being a Waterloo student. The only difference is the extra attention and opportunities you get from also being a Renison student, which is a win-win for you.