University of Waterloo – St. Jerome's University

St. Jerome’s University is a small, liberal arts university within the larger University of Waterloo. All St. Jerome’s students are University of Waterloo students, and upon graduation, St. Jerome’s students receive their degree and diploma from University of Waterloo.

By co-registering in Honours Arts or Honours Arts & Business with SJU, students get the best of both worlds. SJU’s supportive environment ensures that students become well-rounded individuals who will contribute to societies and organizations near and far.

Special Characteristics

Great teaching: You will enjoy great teaching at St. Jerome's, where undergraduate teaching is top priority and classes are smaller, with a first-year class size average of 35 students.

More than a face in the crowd: Since St. Jerome's is a small, closely knit academic community, you'll get to know and benefit from direct connections with faculty and staff.

The whole person: At St. Jerome's, we care about more than just your intellectual development. We believe that a well-rounded education inspires the imagination, engages the spirit and cultivates the qualities essential for responsible citizenship and leadership.

Live steps away from your classes: If you register academically in Arts at St. Jerome's, you'll be given priority for a space in our residence, where a strong sense of community is at the heart of the residence experience.

Put Waterloo's reputation to work for you: The University of Waterloo is renowned for its spirit of innovation and its high-quality academic programs. All St. Jerome's students are University of Waterloo students, and graduate with a highly respected University of Waterloo degree.

The best of old and new: As a Roman Catholic institution, St. Jerome's draws on an age-old tradition of free intellectual inquiry as the basis for its educational philosophy. It uses that philosophy to encourage lively debate, critical thinking and a detailed examination of ideas.

And if you're not Roman Catholic? No problem. Regardless of your background or beliefs, you'll find personal excellence, high aspirations and an emphasis on balance and quality of life here at SJU.

New Residence and Academic Building

St. Jerome’s has a new residence and academic building to enhance our student experiences.

New Food Service Provider

St. Jerome’s has welcomed Dana Hospitality as our new food service provider for the university. They have pledged to provide healthy, high quality menu items with all selections prepared from scratch using fresh local ingredients, while also working to help reduce our environmental footprint. Our cafeteria has been newly renovated and our Funcken Café has never tasted so good.