Residences & Meal Plans

Residence Price(s)

Residence fees for 2018–2019 (2019–2020 fees may differ slightly):

$7,370 (Single – O'Neil/Ridley)
$7,305 (Single – Hellmuth)
$8,164 (Super Single – Hellmuth)
$8,164 (Suite-style – Southwest)

Room Types

Almost 100% single rooms in 3 residences with 3 different residence styles to choose from (single room, super single room, double room and suite). All three residences are either connected or just steps away from Huron's campus and minutes from main campus. 


  • Clean, comfortable accommodation
  • Wireless internet
  • Close to classes and facilities
  • Smoke-free
  • Quiet hours
  • Lifestyle floors (Southwest Residence)
  • Residence life programming

Residence Guarantee

Huron guarantees residence to all first-year students who meet the deadline for the residence application and deposit. Hellmuth scholarship holders are awarded their preference for building and room. 

Deposit Required


Meal Plans


  • A: $4,595
  • B: $3,695

The plan is based on a "declining balance" system. Each meal plan holder has a set amount of funds available to purchase meals at any of the Huron food service locations, including selected vending machines located throughout the Huron campus. As food is purchased, the available balance declines equal to the amount that has been spent.

Plan A is designed for students that are on campus most days of the week and some weekends. Based on a 7-day week over the school term, their average weekly budget would be approximately $135.

Plan is designed for students that are light eaters and seldom on campus on weekends. Based on a 5-day week over the school term, their average weekly budget would be approximately $108.

Other Information

Students are offered residence at the time of admission. Huron offers both traditional and suite-style accommodations, and 100% of residence rooms are single rooms.

Two lifestyle floors are available for first-year students in Southwest Residence:

  • Leadership Floor
  • Research and Writing Floor

An admission average of 85% is required to be eligible for either lifestyle floor. Residence programming will be designed around the theme for the floor and students will be enriched by the opportunities to bond with their floormates through these shared activities.